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How do you build a 2nd base!!!!!

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I can't figure it out. In the pdf it says click the links at the top of geoscape. No links there. There are empty squares when I am in my base where the other bases would be but I click those nothing happens.

Would love a 2nd base.

If my game is not the current one I will be cheesed as I have crap internet and it took me 18 hours to download from the bit torrent site.

And that was the only option I was given. And I bought the game from the main page.

So please a little help will go a long long way.

And by the way. Its a fine game you've all made. So you all should be proud.

Never mind I just figured it out. Still its a bit stealthy and hidden.

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How did you miss "Build New Base" button ....next to the acceleration buttons ?(Don't mind UI,you will find same button in vanilla UI).

Xenonauts 2014-06-11 15-04-15-02.jpg

Xenonauts 2014-06-11 15-04-15-02.jpg


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