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What if landed UFOs were detected automaticaly?

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Ok, I know it's way too late for this, but I want to get this out anyway.

So, there's been a lot of debate about the Geoscape balance lately and about how you need the max amount of interceptor bases ASAP. It struck me that a lot of people are probably frustrated that they can't do anything about UFOs appearing outside of radar cover.

So, what if landed UFOs were detected automaticaly? The player would have a shot at doing missions outside of radar coverage and it could help with early game relations strain. GC doesn't give relations bonuses but it could stop the UFO from triggering further events. Since all UFOs don't touch ground it wouldn't devalue radars either. Missions with intact UFOs are harder than missions with shot-down UFOs, so it could balance out.

As I said, probably way too late and probably un-moddable.

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I really like that idea, actually. Even if it was only a % chance per hour or something. An alternative would be if UFOs on the ground caused events like when they fly, since that way at least you'd know there's something there and could send an interceptor/drop-ship to investigate.

Sadly, neither of those things are moddable. The closest I can think of is giving certain UFO types a high landing chance and a high chance to cause events. When I've done this before, a UFO will typically cause an event, land for a while, take off and cause another event, and then land again very soon. It sadly doesn't work great when the UFO is over ocean, though, as it can;t land and just spams events instead.

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Reports from local inhabitants? Spotted by air patrols?

You might be more likely to detect the UFO in the air, but since it's moving (and pretty fast) it's more or less meaningless unless you can track it. But when it's landed, it's something that might be worth calling in.

On reflection, I guess it wouldn't actually make that much difference to gameplay, since dropships are pretty slow and would be hard-pressed to catch many landed UFOs before they take off again.

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It would be interesting to see how it would work as a feature if it could be implemented though I completely second kabill's final argument - adding it alone will change absolutely nothing but perhaps piling up further annoyance as the player won't be able to get a dropship there in time anyway.

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