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Ammo Count Bug (1.05 HF + Mods)

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Open_Doors_-_Exterior.zip (Combine Exterior and Interior Folders)

Jsleezy's Real Fighter Sounds-3-1-02.zip

Skitsos Ultimate Megamix Map Pack V0.9.rar

(Individual edits to AK-47 and Ballistic MG ammo counts, etc.)


Unloading a magazine from a weapon causes all identical ammo in soldier inventory next mission to spawn with the same amount.


1. Enter Battlescape mission with at least 2 soldiers with Ballistic Rifle + 1 or more Ballistic Rifle Ammo.

2. Fire one bullet from Ballistic Rifle, unload magazine. Magazine should be 95% full.

3. Abort Mission.

4. Enter new Battlescape mission, all Ballistic Rifle ammo in inventory should be at 95%.

Depending on the actions between the first and second mission, the bug may fix itself. Playing two missions without returning to base will always spawn the bug, even with a restart. If the transport returns to base and you have restarted before sending the transport on a second mission, the ammo counts will return to normal values. If you restart when the transport is en route to the second mission, the ballstic rifle ammo will still be depleted.

Similar bug reported: [v1.03] Equipment not reloading after mission.


The most optimal way to avoid this bug without restarting the game is to have a custom battlescape save. In this save, reloading a full clip any affected ammos and aborting mission will fix the issue in your main playthrough.

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