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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome, this place is for everybody who struggles with the difficulty of X-Division. If you are stuck, cant deal with a certain problem or dont know how why you fly your airplanes into the ground every time, you can look here for help. Note that those things wont tell you how to deal with a problem, but show you different approaches and tools you can then use or invent your own. You can learn from the successes here as much as you can from the failures. I really struggled with the diificulty in XCOM because i was used to get led by the hand and shown every little piece of the game. I was not used to adapt and think myself out of a bad situation. Until beaglerush introduced me to some new strategies and new forms of tactical approaches and especially like you can handle a game that is chanced based on every little step. I hope this content helps you to start your own experience, shows you new ways and enhances your gameplay. Cheers Charon Table of Content 1. X-Division Developers Diary 1.1 Youtubers and Lets PLay 1.2 Indepth Game Explanations on Youtube 2. Stunning aliens 3. An approach to deal with tanks 4. Main weapons and Side weapons 5. Elarions charts 5.5 Techtree for yED 6. Airgame basics 7. Pandis Aircombat Circus 1. X-Division Developers Diary I´ve started a developer diary where i simply play the hell out of X-Division. This is without any commentary yet, but you can pick up some tricks along the way if you struggle with the difficulty. Especially air encounters should give you one or two hints on how you could deal with them. Ill be playing with the latest changes and patches so things you might not have seen yet. The mods used are as stated as in the installation description, check them out if you want. Dont think about this as a lets play but rather as an encyclopedia where you can look up certain situations and a way to deal with them, or examples of failures. Or you can simply watch and enjoy it. I am one of the developers but i´m basically playing this as blind as any other player who has spent 700 hours playing xenonauts. Especially Ground Combat is 100% new to me sicne i didnt develope it and although i made the airgame i dont know anything besides balanceing points either. So this is going to be hella fun. I skipped the beginning part of the first 28 days but you can pretty much see what i did in them. The difficulty is veteran/ironmann. Enjoy Phase 1 X-Division Developers Diary Part 1 - 39 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9fd3TOdSBs&list=PLF0CJiHTqevYS2uDAgPTllyJoioJUsev6&t=160s&index=1 - its playlist and all videos are in order Phase 2 X-Division Developers Diary Part 40 - 55 ( ongoing ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1YN4azj6F8&index=1&list=PLF0CJiHTqevbv561dmYBzBxfaDCy5zXdZ - playlist 1.1 Youtubers and Lets PLay Some people have picked up the game on youtube and may be able to teach you a thing or two. If you are stuck, looking for new ideas or simply want to get entertained, this is the place for you. Mulligan: ( Veteran/Ironman ) ( English ) Season 1: https://youtu.be/8kYalOes-LQ Season 2: https://youtu.be/MgO67x5mIJA ( recommended ) Lambert2191: ( Normal/Ironman ) ( English ) Season 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNk3w51eJbY&list=PLxx5-blJHlBBVo-w3Abkv7OWfvExzLRqe Season 2: https://youtu.be/Ia25rwVBHx8?list=PLxx5-blJHlBBeda18IeaiW0H1yyN2JlLR ( recommended ) VenTronixx: ( Easy/Ironman ) ( German ) Season 1: https://youtu.be/T16jF_KDIXE The Seeker Group: ( Normal/Ironman ) ( Russian ) Installation video: https://youtu.be/J-y9HX221PE Random Streams: https://youtu.be/pOoSK02o_d4, https://youtu.be/cqBkprjLInM, https://youtu.be/S9pxOTayX9o, Season 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta757y5jdBs&list=PLTtg5eMzQco-_A4oJsWdpVdOK6eV-lVi3 ( recommended ) 1.2 Indepth Game Explanations on Youtube Molnar Paul Lucian: ( Veteran ) ( English ) Season 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0OhqtyEF1s&list=PLaFz18QmoP8ircOIp1_twHyFVbnSoCX_0 ( mic quality gets better over time, definitely check it out ) 2. Stunning aliens 3. An approach to deal with tanks 4. Main weapons and Side weapons 5. Elarions charts 5.5 Techtree for yED 6. Airgame basics 7. Pandis Aircombat Circus
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/Xenonauts/comments/7u47d1/new_xdivision_0995_and_new_community_edition_035/
  3. Tru3insanity

    My prayer to RNGesus

    Well i finally got bored with my easy playthrough on xdivision because i had researched everything and could never get a ship with an officer and my attention span was gone lol. So i started a campaign on normal and my first ufo landed somewhere in siberia. I set up my units and shipped out expecting to lost a good chunk of them but at least be able to secure that ufo. I landed and we got to it, i leapfrogged from cover to cover and found the first caesan in the middle-ish of the map standing in the open so i set up in a vague c shape in cover around him. Well it didnt do me a damn bit of good cuz the first caesan instagibbed one of my soldiers even tho he was a good 8 tiles away. He then does an aimed shot and manages to cripple my other guy who is also about 8 tiles away and both were behind green cover. Then another two caesans pop out and stand in the middle of the field. Im like -.- but they are in the open so i should be able to turn the tables right? Wrong. I closed in on my next turn and they managed to miss most of their shots or spend most of their time moving so i didnt take two much damage. I had snuck a few guys pretty close and went in for the kill on my third turn. I ran an assault and a rifleman right up to one's face and proceeded to unload. 74% accuracy on the rifleman and 84% on the assault should be cake right? Nope. i fired at least 5 volleys between them to have absolutely nothing hit not even a single pellet from the shotgun even... I was about ready to flip a desk but i held off to try and flank the other guy and same thing happens! then they proceed to wipe half my team the next turn and the rest of them the next. The is where i cant take it anymore and proceed to spend the next 4 hours save scumming. I dont mind some dead guys but this rng.... was ridiculous. I even reloaded the whole mission and started from scratch to no avail. Tried utterly different tactics each time and nope. They would wipe my whole team no matter what i did in 4-5 turns. You can call me a noob if you want but ive played long war on vet for years and stomped the crap outa vanilla campaign here. Im hardly new to this.. I finally ditched the campaign because i couldnt bear to even look at it anymore... So i had to share this story to blunt my pain and clean up my salty tears before the next campaign. I offer a prayer: Oh great rngesus! May our boolits hit their marks and may foul disease be swept upon my enemies! May the great rng god (demon..) with his huge barbed schlong not come and rape me not even a little gently while my poor soldiers throw down their weapons and run up to the aliens and pelt their shins with little kindergarten girl punches cuz itd be more effective... amen!