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Found 1 result

  1. Is the "Hidden movement" overlay really necessary ? I find it really distracting and it blocks so much of the screen, which is understand is the point, but why can i still see some of the screen then? And it only pops up when the aliens are within my view, wich makes no sense, as i should be able to see what they are doing when i have them in view right? And when they fire at my soldiers, and hit i can only hear the "hit" sound, but i cant see how much damage it did, or who got shot at before its my turn again. As far as i can see this is a relic from the old X-coms wich the newer game has gotten rid of as it acomplishes little, and takes you out of the game. It makes sense that i cant see what the aliens are doing on their turn when they are outside of my viewdistance, but not when they are inside it. I just dont get why its still a feature..