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Found 10 results

  1. currently, while xenonauts has steam cloud, saved to not transport accross platforms. unless diffrent platforms save games in a diffrent format, it should be trivial to enable cross platfrom cloud, as discussed in this thread from another game: https://www.reddit.com/r/shenzhenIO/comments/56b409/crossplatform_cloud_saves_in_steam/
  2. OK - anyone who purchased the game before our Steam Early Access launch can now grab their Steam keys. There are two methods of doing this, depending on whether or not you have activated your game on Desura. If you have activated your game on Desura: 1) Go to https://secure.desura.com/cart/cdkeys 2) Log into your Desura account 3) Click the "Request Key" button next to Xenonauts 4) Load Steam and go to Games > Activate A Product On Steam in the topbar 5) Copy the key into Steam The above steps are also viewable in picture form here: http://www.xenonauts.com/images/claimguide.jpg If you have not activated your key on Desura, or have additional non-claimed keys (usually people who have bought the game but never tried to play it before!): 1) Go to https://www.humblebundle.com/store/keyresender 2) Type in your email address linked with Xenonauts. This may not be your main email address - it may be the email linked to the Paypal account you bought it with, or the email linked to your Desura / Kickstarter account. If there are several possibilities, try them all. 3) You will receive an email in that inbox with a copy of your Humble Store download link. Click the link. 4) Look at the "Xenonauts" Steam Key section on the landing page, and click the button. 5) Load Steam and go to Games > Activate A Product On Steam in the topbar 6) Copy the key into Steam Those two methods should account for anyone who has previously purchased the game. In the event that neither work, please email me at chris@xenonauts.com. Also, both Desura and the Humble Store offer a DRM-free download of the game, in case anyone really detests Steam.
  3. Larry Burstyn

    Compatible with Steam version.

    I have the steam version. Is there a way to tell which mods are compatible with this version?
  4. Bartec


    Steam dont update my game? i have v20 hotfix.
  5. Been following your game for a while, like the concept, pity you never made the goal of releasing before the Fraxis versions, but glad to see things coming along, I do have one question though, given the massive Christmas sales going on, will we ever See Xenonaughts up there?
  6. I have purchased the game on STEAM, but the version is V19, and how to update to V20
  7. I have just recently noticed that The Bureau is now on Steam. Currently it's $44.99 (WOW! a 10% discount ) and is doing the prepurchase unlocks. 1. Codebreaker pack 2. Spec Ops: The Line (Never heard of it) 3. The XCOM collection (a $60 value) Also release with this is the official trailer showing some new leader(?) alien that looks like a cross between a tall sectoid wearing battle armor and a ethereal wearing battle armor. Also, the Titan is still in. That puts some hope back in me that this has kept some of the older enemies that it originally had. What's you guys thoughts?
  8. First off, I want to say that I'm not someone who really cares about the whole trading cards thing that Steam has going, but there are a few reasons why Xenonauts should do them anyways. 1) Steam trading cards seem easy to implement. From what I can gather, it's mostly just artwork and some fluff description. A lot games including those with small development teams seem to have been able to do it (e.g. Prison Architect). 2) It will help sell the game. Practically all of us here bought Xenonauts because we are fans of the tactical turn based shooter genre, so it doesn't apply to us. It will apply, however, to the people who do care about Steam trading cards. A little extra money and attention from those people probably won't hurt. 3) It doesn't have to be implemented now. The trading cards can probably be added later when the game is well polished. Although I think implementing the trading cards sooner rather than later will help more since there's a relatively small number of games that have them. Implementing the cards later will mean less of a spotlight for Xenonauts. Tl;dr Implement steam trading cards because it seems to be a cheap way to get extra attention and money.
  9. Aufklarer

    Activating v19

    I have intup the code XenoExperiment into the properties/beta tab on steam but it dont allow me even when it validates the code to drop down and select the allow beta option. any ideas?
  10. Is the client available via Steam the most recent build? If so, when new patches/builds are released, will they be made available via steam? I ask because this is a great game, but due to bugs is unplayable (every save = CTD) so keen to play again when that's fixed.