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Found 1 result

  1. While this is my first post to this forum, I am a huge fan of this game and have enjoyed it for a long time on my 2009 Macbook pro. Recently however, I have build a custom PC with windows installed. Upon starting Zenonauts I noticed that certain sound effects, like footsteps, weapon fire, and injuries of both mine and alien units did not play. Some other sounds like the sound played upon research completion did not play. Strangely, the music files and a select few sound effects like doors did work properly. Originally, when I opened them in media player I realized my computer did not have the software to play these .ogg files which are used for Zenonauts. The sounds that were not being played by Zenonauts could also not be played by Windows Media Player. After installing the necessary codecs these sounds were able to played by Windows Media Player, however the sound effects in Zenonauts did not play. For some reason the game seems to be playing the sounds using either another audio player or simply with Windows Media Player without the codecs. I have tried almost every fix I could think of. I have already tried reformatting and changing the sound effects XML files to attempt to play these sounds as mp3 files, but this has resulted in game crashes. As I mentioned before, installing codecs did not work. This issue affects both the primary build and the community version. Uninstalling the other media player on my computer did not help. I have yet to poke around in the application. If I cannot resolve this I will probably install a second drive to use for dual booting because this problem does not seem to occur on Mac OS. I have looked for people with similar issues, but was unable to find one which was able to find a fix. If needed, I can give my specs and hardware I use. I will attach a guide for a solution if I find one.