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Found 2 results

  1. Inspired by SoloA I decided to learn how to create my own aircraft models and give them a unified look - after all, they are meant for the one and only military organization. I have done it successfully, I hope At the beginning, I would like to present: F-4 "Phantom" and F-5 "Tiger" models in the appropriate graphic files format and dimensions for the game F-4 and F-5 in the base: F-4 "Phantom" in its hangar: F-5 "Tiger" ready for fight with aliens: PS. Feel free to use attached graphics in another mods Files with "_h" on their name end are designed to "...GOG Games\Xenonauts\assets\aircraft\hangar" folder and after copying this "_h" ending in the name should be removed (file name must be the same like in the "...GOG Games\Xenonauts\assets\aircraft\" folder)
  2. I think operatives should look more like ghostbusters/scintists/pilots but not like soldiers. It is a special high tech organisation not a stupid army. Current operatives we can see on the screenshots can be used for auxilary forces. Smth like if aliens fought x-com and megapol in x-com 3 apocalypse. This soldiers act independently but on the side of player's operatives and die more or less quickly if they meet serious aliens. I will give a little better explanation: you can meet this auxilary troops when aliens are attacking military base or during some terror missions etc. thy are not a part of your drop team