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Found 1 result

  1. Our tanks have currently one very important limitation, it´s called space usage, utilizing alien technology, we have come up with a smaller tank unit, that has enhanced alien alloy plating and equipping a variety of weapons fit for assault missions. The Primary weapon of the tank is a Heavy Machine gun, capable of firing bursts of 4 rounds, but with a bit more firepower than your standard soldier Heavy Machine gun. The Secondary weapon at your disposal are grenades, you can deploy grenades,flashbangs or smoke grenades, but you can only have one system deployed at a time for each mission. You can carry up to 6 grenades. Since the tank has it´s own throwing propelling system, the ranges are higher than normal soldiers. The tank will still occupy 2 soldier slots, but, the tank is much smaller than the other ones, so in actual space only 1 spot will be occupied. The tank will have increased plating in the front, slightly less on the sides, and due to the weapon systems, the rear will be left with less plating.