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Found 6 results

  1. While this must have been a non-issue for most, I couldn't get the game properly installed. I did a full download of the zipped version, and after unzipping to a folder on my desktop (XP SP3), I made a shortcut to the exe file, clicked, and the launcher window opens with the following error ... Can't load image from file 'assets/launcher/play-button.png': file does not exist. In looking through the folder where I installed the game, I don't see any subfolders at all... no 'assets', no 'launcher' folders. So I'm guessing I didn't install properly. Are there installation instructions around somewhere?
  2. Just downloaded and unzipped it... Played for a few min, i mean hrs... I am wondering if i need to, in addition to the downloaded pkg, install additional patches or mods? Is there an installation guide, tips , etc... Manny
  3. ive put off the temtation of mods for a while now, so, I never learned how to install mods:( can someone help
  4. I've been searching the forums for mac issues and can't find anything about installing problems, unless the search bar isn't showing me what I need to find. I have recently downloaded the full DMG installer for mac and cannot get it to install. Anyone having issues installing on mac? The steam client doesn't download any files, so I've had to look for alternative downloads.
  5. theothersider

    sorry..i fell me stupid...

    hi guys! i have a problem.. firstly i use the v19.3,i have tried to install the mod (AK-47 and MP5K Mini-Mod) but..how can do it?? thanks and forgive my ignorance..
  6. Hello everyone, i'm new here so.. Mercy please I didn't know where exactly to put this so.. I downloaded Sathra's 'Little Mod' v4 figuring i'd give it a try, but I wasn't sure how to install it so I just opened the Xenonauts launcher and went into mod management or whatchamacallit, then pointed out where i'd downloaded it and hit 'install mod'. Just wanted to be sure if that'll make it work, the only other thing I got thus far was the community map pack. And on another note, while i've played the 1994 X-Com, the 2012 Firaxis one, UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock, I thought i'd ask if anyone has any generalist tips to give out. Thanks in advance, and in general to the Goldhawk team. When I first saw Xenonauts on Kickstarter I was a little skeptic, but after an impulse purchase on Steam I am very glad I got it (and ignored the complaints on Steam's discussion forums).