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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I'm a complete newcomer to the forum. For a bit of background, I have played vanilla Xenonauts and loved it. I was thrilled to discover mods for it. I managed to set up xce (0.31 and the mods from the mod package) and had fun with noting the casulaty list, the faster turns, the absence of the "hidden move" picture, the soldier's role icon being displayed next to their number in ground combat, incendiary grenades and rockets. I have now moved to the latest version of xce (0.34.3 though X:CE Base Mod gives me 0.35 UNSTABLE ?) and mod package (discovering the latest version after my version basically stopped working of some sort? the game always crashed when I clicked on the equipment tab in the soldiers loadout menu) and noticed that several of the mentioned functions are not in effect: no incendiary grenades/rockets, "hidden move" pic back, no soldier role icon in ground combat. Were these removed from XCE and associated mods or am i missing something else completely ? Please advise. edit: Additionally, if those functions are to be activated by the user by changing values in various xml files, could someone be nice enough to pinpoint me which files and lines in said files should i look for in order to access (for example) retaking lost bases ?