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Found 4 results

  1. I was a huge fan of Xenonauts 1 and saw it as a shining light after having wasted countless hours trying in vain to love the terrible excuse for a game the new XCOM was. My only comment would be to remove the "Hidden Movement" feature and maybe add a little more control as far as screen rotation during the enemy turn. It adds nothing to the game and only serves the purpose to detach you from the scenario by essentially turning off the screen completely during the alien turn. One of the things that the newer XCOM games did right (and by that I mean one of the VERY FEW things) is the sense that during the alien turn you are constantly watching the screen in case something happens. Even though you already know the screen will zoom to any movement in actuality, you still can't help but watch. It adds a sense of depth and immersion while you're waiting for the aliens to move instead of just turning off the screen and saying "Ok, now wait for your turn." Thoughts?
  2. Moonshine Fox

    Geoscape help tooltip

    I have a suggestion for the explanatory tooltip for the geoscape. "Alien UFOs will periodically spawn on the map." The word "spawn" is way too gamey and does kind of detract from the immersion. "Appear" would be a much better word.
  3. Ok, this will never happen, so no worries. But maybe someone will read it and be inspired. No more numbers describing a soldier's attributes. Just their scores on the most recent shooting qualification, their 1.5mi run time and qualifications (medic, sniper school, years of experience, etc). No more "45% health left" - just a trail of blood and a guy screaming for help. Shots can insta-kill in certain parts of the body, and people that get hit are generally, but not always, out of the fight. Number of APs left replaced by "cautious", "assault" and "patrol" movement - with a hidden percentage chance of the unit getting off a reaction shot based on all relevant factors. No more getting rid of base modules for cash - it'll cost you money to demolish, and all you get is small change for surplus sales or junk metal. No % chance to hit, just a "Low", "Medium" or "High" chance to hit. Add "Very Low" for when you want to shoot a pistol across the map. No "health" % on aircraft, just a real chance to sustain somewhat plausible and halfway-realistic damage that either results in a barely functional, limping aircraft, or a shoot-down with a pilot that needs to be picked up or has a chance of being rescued by locals. Each location on the map named via Google Earth, and announced as such: "Air Combat over Juneau, Alaska". "Your base is located in Kuala Mandigo, Malaysia. Would you like to name it after the location?" But that's just my idea of most immersive possible gameplay. No doubt most people will prefer Xenonauts in its current form. Still a darn good game, and I look forward to playing it some more once we get tactical combat in the Mac version or I get around to having the cash to build a Windows PC. Cheers for the hard work developing this.
  4. This game has a great atmosphere, the moody music, serious faces and cold war aesthetics really make it an immersive experience. When an alien shot one of my manz during a night mission I nearly jumped out of my seat!