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Found 2 results

  1. Siniestro


    Are there any plans to add more gadgets? In this case i am reffering to Medkit as a gadget, since it can heal and is not used to deal damage. Some ideas "stolen" from other x-com like games: Deployable shield to give half cover Grapling hook to get to higher terrain easily Range finder to give higher hit chance against targeted enemy Deployable turret that only has reaction fire And i guess there are allot of other fun things one could add to enhance the experience, and make the playstyle more creative with destruction etc. I dont think anything should be too sci-fi and keep with the 70-80s feel of the game. I dont really know if X1 had allot to choose from, that could be re-added. Thoughts?
  2. Hey ppl.. I want to make a mod with different weapon types and aliens with resistances and weakness for this dmg types.. So I am so new and confused a bit.. what dmg types does this game have? Can i give a weapon 2 or 3 different dmg type? För example a rifle with 10 ballistic 20 laser dmg together? Can i create my own type? As enemies.. can I give them specific weakness or resistances? My idea is to make all weapons usefull rather then adding more dmg per tier.. then I want to create weapons with 2 or 3 dmg types.. hybrid ones.. so u still can kill enemies with what u have but it will be much harder if the enemy got resist.. För example at Xcom tftd u nearly can't kill a lobster man with gauss rifle.. he dies but with 10 shot.. but with heavy sonic he dies with onu one or two.. the new guns with more then 1 dmg type will be expensive and in need of different loots from aliens.. so u won't able to craft them so much. Another idea I have to improve the aliens with our tech.. they will use our weapons and adopt them as we do.. I am not good at coding but got amateurish photoshop using and bad English heh... so if an experienced modder want to use my ideas and weapon arts (got 9 human and 3 enemy weapon done including new flamethrower and cannons) I would be very happy and want to share what I done. Some examples..