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Found 1 result

  1. I know this is kinda a specific thing and will be a short-lived topic but I heard that the Hyper-wave decoder(or equivalent) should be in version 19 stable there was some minor bug where the research topic never becomes available? I am hoping that it be an easy fix that I could quickly go into the files and solve for my version 19 run as that seems like a major problem(as in, to bring the whole game to a halt.) Because I just finished doing the interrogation on a commander from the alien base and after that I kinda hit a dead end, I am assuming that is why.(I actually forgot to read what my next objective is so I might be wrong here, I would look it up but Ironman/streaming it so I can't end the mission/finish it atm) There also was the case that I finished the alien commander interrogation, it opened up the xenopedia but to no page. (only other time it did that was with the laza airplane weapon I believe, but I know that is fixed for v20 and the weapon is still build able) Though it did open the research topic of the alien base itself, which I did(weirdly enough it was on 'exelent' progress even with just 1 scientist) and it gave me some info on the base that was kinda useless. So yea, any easy way to make the hyperwave decoder work and is there a known dead end to the game where the quests simply stop working?