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Found 2 results

  1. Just joined the battle and I have a question already and a few thoughts/observations. Question- how do you use the medkit? I transferred it to my wounded and bleeding sergeant's hands but NOW I am stumped in how to use it!. How is this done... (Hurry - He's dying!) Noticed this on my first day in game: 02.49 (x:3150 y:408) Local farmers report discovering circles of unknown origin in fields. 09.53 (x:3423 y:426) Local farmers report discovering circles of unknown origin in fields. Umm... This shows as in Greenland... (You know - Crop circles in Greenland...) Scoring system not fully fleshed out? NO pluses for winning, killing aliens etc. But did minus 2 points for losing civilian. Despite the above I had a ball on that mission. MY soldiers less so - 2 dead, 2 wounded.
  2. I recently transitioned from V18 to V19.7... and I was kind of shocked to see Greece re-labeled as part of the ME, instead of being part of Europe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europe Geographically, Greece is separated from the ME by the Aegean. Culturally, it's Orthodox Christian, like Bulgaria, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia. While Turkey is currently seeking membership in the EU (and its European portion could be considered part of Europe, since Xenonauts doesn't separate areas by national boundaries), I'm not sure by what reasoning Greece could be considered Middle-Eastern, given that it has 0 involvement in the issues that sweep the current ME and isn't part of the same landmasses. In the time-frame we're talking about (the Cold War) Greece (as well as Turkey) was aligned with the US and not the Islamic states that routinely invaded Israel. At any rate, why would Greek citizens care if Egyptians were being abducted? So, ah, given that this change was recent, can I at least ask what prompted it?