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Found 3 results

  1. I was just thinking, could it be possible to have say 2 unarmed scouting drones as an option instead of armed vehicles? Say a quadrocopter with low HP but high TU researchable later in the game when plasma canons come onto the scene? Low in manufacturing cost, but taking up space in dropship. Sounds like a fair balance to me.
  2. ChAnKoEr


    Here's the conversation of the idea of drones talked about in another thread:
  3. Gauddlike

    Playable drone test

    I have added drones (as vehicles) to my own game to see how possible it is. I have also used my own vehicle weapon mod to equip them with a smoke grenade and flare launcher, no offensive weapons. They run around pretty quick, have no weapons and are pretty fragile. They don't work all that well, from a purely functional perspective. The game doesn't seem able to work out that a vehicle shouldn't have a 3x3 selection box or take up a 3x3 area on the Chinook. The game also crashes if you try and rearrange them on the dropship, I can't find anywhere to allocate the dropship images. The images are also missing in the vehicle window (again can't see where they are allocated). Some animations, like moving, are missing for some reason even though I am using the original drone folder as a source. They also pass through fences for some reason. Oh they also are not available for purchase, they have to be manufactured. I am unsure how to make them take up garage space, unless they do it automatically as they are classed as vehicles. As this is a test I have made the manufacturing job available from the start though, it would more than likely require recovery of a drone corpse if it made it as a proper mod. Otherwise they are perfectly fine!