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Found 4 results

  1. Ghostman


    Hello, I have played the demo and I LOVED IT!. I wish I would have found this game while the kickstarter was going. I am looking at pre-ordering but im having issues with the steam key thing. Does Xenonauts require a steam account or the steam client? I do not like steam and do not support steam.
  2. Zero2Zero

    WTF Steam

    I thought steam was not needed to play when i bought this pre order now i need to activate on steam? WTF where is the copy that does not require steam ?
  3. Hypothetically speaking, if one did not want to get Xenonauts through Desura or Steam, would there be an option to download a standalone copy of it? Not using Steam and Desura as much as I used to, but I will keep one of them around for Xenonauts sake if there's no third option
  4. Id just want to suggest on making the preorder available from www.GoG.com also as I'd like to support your game too, but not wanting to go through steam or desura to get the game when it comes out. Thank you.