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Found 13 results

  1. *edit* i just realised some of my concerns were adressed in the faq. Let's say I dont agree with everything especially the pilots part. Hi, i just finished a v18 playthrough. Congratulations, for a clone that sticks a lot to the original it has some great innovations. I was surprised by the depth of the game at this point. Air combat is the best i’ve seen. Before playing xenonauts i believe i played every clone of the original X-com game. Here are some thoughts to make Xenonauts my ideal x-com game. Some specific to Xenonauts, some could apply to every x-com clone. 1. Every people you employ should be unique. * Planes and vehicles should have pilots inside with names, ranks, and skills like reflex, piloting, and combat skill (if they are crashed or during a base attack). Maybe the rank could open access to more combat maneuvers. So those kill ratings wouldn’t be only for show and when you get a new plane type you can put your favorite pilot inside to benefit from his experience. Same for ground vehicles, even the remote ones. (they too would have some kind of progression. When a plane is shot down you get a chance to get the pilot back, if he managed to eject. It could even trigger a special mission to get him back if he fell behind enemy lines. * Based on Paradox’s Heart of Iron 2 (and maybe the others) Scientists also would have names but also domain specializations. Like particle physics, organic chemistry or whatsoever. Each research in the lab would need a few of these domains. You could always assign an unqualified scientist to a research but he would get a time malus. It’s a matter of getting the person for the right job. Acquiring renowned scientists could be a mission in itself or a reward. The same system could be used for engineers. No more anonymous henchmen. You know and care for everyone. 2.Tactical combat. Recon : It always annoyed me that we arrive on the battlefield airborne but ignore everything of the map beforehand. Having come flying you should at least know where the buildings are (or the UFO for what matters). If not for satellite feed or aerial recon. I’d love to see a small unarmed recon drone flying high over the battlefield as a new unit (could be shot down by aliens). Damage localization : the ability to shoot some specific body parts with aimed shots like in Fallout2. Researching an alien would reveal his weak points and you could use it against them. Same for your soldiers, they would lose movement when shot in the leg, accuracy when shot in the arm, sight when losing an eye... They could even lose limbs to be replaced with prosthetics. Prosthetics that could get better with alien tech. (imagine your team of veteran half-cyborgs) Dropship : The dropship staying there unharmed in the middle of the battlefield seems out of place. Either it should fly to safety after dropping your squad or you might have to defend it. With the pilots being units. (a nice special mission could be having to defend your crash landed dropship until you get a pick-up) UFOs : I miss the ability to make your own entrance in the hull of UFOs with explosive weapons. Also i haven’t seen multiple floor high rooms in ufos. Having to go through the 3 storeys of the carrier quickly becomes boring. The carrier’s hangar could be 2 floors high. So those jumpsuits would come in handy. Hills : maybe it’s an engine limitation but every map is flat. I fondly remember the hills from the original games. Would it be possible to add some height differences? Overall, height seems to be underused. Neutral Units : Neutral military units when met could be taken control of or given some basic orders if in a friendly country. Some neutral soldier you helped could offer to join you at the end of the mission. 3. Global map I like the look of the new map but the water’s blue seem too light. The previous map conveyed the grimm feeling of the alien invasion better. Also nightlights would be welcomed. Since the map is the main game interface it looks a bit empty. You could add switchable tactical overlays. (coloring countries based on your rating, summarizing alien activity to find a pattern in their moves,...). Just add stuff that looks cool. Hollywood does that very well. (see http://vimeo.com/64377100 or https://vimeo.com/1797025 for good examples) Global Politics : what happen to countries that stop funding you? Do they fall to aliens? Do they start their own Alien-fighting corp? Seems there is something to be done there. A few ideas : At the start of the game each country has it’s own military forces, a set number of troops and plane that you can call for support. Needless to say they quickly become insufficient to facing the growing threat and using them for suicide missions would be a hit in your relations. When a country stops funding you, it starts it’s own alien fighting program. Competing with you for resources, other countries, support. They might try to get their hands on your most advanced tech. Maybe one of your crew is a spy and you have to get rid of one of your favorite scientists. You might have to repel their invasion of your base. Fighting humans besides the aliens. We need some way to win those countries back. Some specific missions perhaps or giving them advanced tech. getting in good terms with a country could net some various rewards besides money : Experienced units, a plane, and old military base a a startpoint for a new base, informations about aliens. 4. Base Medical healing pods : Once researched and built you assign soldiers to them for faster healing like you would assign them to your dropship. Training facilities : we really need a way to teach those rookies how to throw a grenade farther than their feet. Managed by one of your veterans. The higher ranked the veteran, the better the training. I’d love to see a alien break out of his containment cell and spreading terror across the base. An Alien the movie like mission.
  2. I'm on my first playthrough, and I felt I'd just make notes as I went along on the current state of the game. I've played the original XCOM series quite a lot, and my first time on this game is on normal difficulty. Now commenting on build: V18.51 Steam GPL=Gameplay Issue, SUG=Related Suggestion, ART=Art, DES=Design, BUG=Bug likely, AST=Assets, SIM=Simulation, SYS=System IMPROVEMENTS GPL - reduced base micro, but perhaps too much ...SUG: one of the payoffs of the original was, after a good mission, getting to go back to base and look through the spoils and personally sell off and profit from what you got, even if it was random crap you never would use (plasma pistols). TWEAKS ART - crash sites should look it, not just like a landed UFO in pristine area ...SUG: bring back old ones, plus damaged props/scenery DES - middle east "walls" exist and have windows why? No closed-off compounds ...SUG: redo MEast assets DES - more information needed. ultimately, it's hard to make decisions when you don't have the info onscreen BUG - imprecise clicks: clicking on some things in base screen, etc, is off by a few pixels, v frustrating BUG - scatter laser sells for $1K only? BUG - the arrow keys do not immediately work after "HIDDEN MOVEMENT". The mouse must be moved first. MINOR PROBLEMS AST - limited guns ...SUG: US/SOV ARs+LMGs+MMGs+BRs+Snipers AST - limited planes ...SUG: more variety, like having a "missile truck" so you can be more tactical in engagements SIM - dusk? Played in the "dusk/dawn" zone but it was dark as night. ...SUG: variable lighting as a % of how far between hard night limit and hard day limit (not just on/off) SIM - excessive wall damage: MG does way too much damage to a wall. 3-4 shots should not take out an entire wall. ...SUG: vastly increase building health BUG - disappearing weapons: not sure why but some presets dont have weapons saved MAJOR PROBLEMS GPL - battle AI: terrible, just stand in place, crouching and standing up, seem directionless and unchallenging ...SUG: in-out of cover routine, flanking if unseen, more aggression less runawayrunaway ...SUG: setup random ambush spawn types in maps also GPL - battlescape limited: no forests, no empty deserts, no mountains, etc? XCOM had more... ...SUG: add more! GPL - battlescape 2D: no vertical component? XCOM had more ...SUG: add verticality for terrain SYS - really, really long battlescape cleanup: can take 3+ minutes to end a battle once the final alien is done. Sometimes it doesn't ever complete. Sometimes it takes longer to wait than it did to fight the battle. Randomly this doesn't take much time at all - I think on short missions it's almost instantaneous. FEATURE REQUESTS SIM - auto-resolve option: a bit complicated, but allow an auto-resolve that bases the results on results in the last X engagements. ART - grass props: it would be nice to have these so that we can have grass sprites and other terrain sprites instead of just purely flat ground. It looks nice, but it also is clearly totally flat. SIM/ART - Cloud shadows and more environmental effects. Would be nice to have snow, rain, moving (or even static) cloud shadows, lightning, time-of-day/weather lighting changes. That adds so much immersion for not-too-much-work. I think another indie game in development, Project Zomboid, has a good example of basic rain effects in isometric gameplay that are effective.
  3. Where I came from: played a lot of X-com Good Points: Atmosphere, art design Needs Work: 1) Changing the weapon loadout crashed program 1b) No vehicles at the beginning of the game? Is Xeno so poorly funded it can't afford a single tank. 1c) I had 2 identical soldiers in my soldier list 1d) Sent planes and landing craft after a flying alien ship. No clue how the sky battle went, program just skipped to the ground battle mode 2) Battle rolllout took 15 minutes on a fast computer with a SSD. Never actually came up until I started the task manager, then when I switched back one soldier exited the craft and another shot another soldier all by itself 3) Battle layout look very X-com (good) but the maps are small and bordered by black space which is very immersion breaking 3b) grenades simply do not work. Soldiers who don't have them can throw them. Soldiers that do can throw them but nothing happens. Maybe I am supposed to use some TUs to pull the pin but I didn't see any way to do that. 4) Killed an alien or 2 but then reached a place designed to give advantage to aliens. 2 soldiers died from enemies just at the edge of FOW range (OK thats fine) 5) No way to target walls and cover and destroy them with weapons that I can find = without this feature I simply won't play the game. No free aim = no play. 5b) Hay bales all over the place.... soldiers can't pick them up and move them. 6) Alien destroys cover ..... soldier still wont walk through the flattened cover 7) Sectoid Alien plays hide and seek right at the edge visibility. Annoying and unfun with such short time units and incredibly low accuracy stats. A sniper gets 10% accuracy from 8 meters away? (based on soldier size) Send in two shogun wielding soldiers to shoot point blank after sacrificing another soldier. One shotgun blast straight to the face point blank ... the sectoid doesn't die. The second shotgun blast to the face, the sectoid doesn't die. Both shots hit as both soldier were standing right next square. I laugh and the aliens take their turn. Alien hits but doesn't kill. A third shotgun blast and the sectoid goes down. If it takes 3 point blank shotgun blasts to kill a weakly armored alien like a sectoid your balance is way out of touch with reality or you are artificially increasing difficulty. 8) Kill the last alien and the game crashes probably because it trying to phone home and it is blocked by my firewall. Uninstalled ..... needs too much work I hope you can fix all the bugs .... It is interesting that nobody seems to be able the make a game even half as good as the original X-com. I hope the devs of this game can eventually. The new Xcom simply was of no interest to me. No base attacks, no free aim ... all obstacles have the same destructibility. Aliens wait around and get a free move.
  4. I'll be straight forward and by topic. World map. Nothing to declare, as expected. Maybe nuilding bases could be a little less expansive so we could expand to 2 bases witohut much harrasment, it could spped the game a bit as with one base only thing are a bit slow, but i did not pass november timefreme ingame, so i may be wrong. Aerial battle. They are fun but too easy, At least as far as corvete with escort goes. IMHO in mega upper supper dificulty it should be up to 5 ships each side. Beyond that the map would be too clogged, 3 ships is too easy. *Food for tought scaling diff for aerial battle. Base management. The problem here is one and one only: soldier management, too much tabs for nothing. Its a pain in the ass: 3 tables and a half that could fit in one. - In the arming TAB: Since we have an helicopter on the image shrink the soldier image and put a mini transport space management in there. Its a pita to have to go to airplane management and then switch to transport just to be able to place your men. If not willing to do such at least in the tab put all soldiers portrait and weaponry to fit without having to scroll. its a pain to have to go left and right just to be sure N2 is a sniper and Number 7 is an Assault To speak the truth Portrait are unecessary, you don t arrange your team by beauty, you arrange them by equipment depending on the sortie you want to do. - In the arming TAB part2: Not showing the health status, in %, of the soldier in this tab forces us to go to the recruiting tab, which by the way have such a big uselessly puzzling, redundant to the arming TAB, soldier excel sheet. This could change with the reimplantation of training (in a more complex way please). But the only usefull info of this sheet is the % of health the soldier have, so adding soldier % health in the soldier arming tab is a must. Those 2 little details decrease a lot of the play experience, the way things are set now lack of practicality thus ,ake this part of the game an irritating experience. The rest is OK to GOOD Now to the main part. Ground combat. Overall its ok, fun but it could be made more enjoyable changing propably big detail, and i don t know if its feasable due to AI limitation. What the game really lack is a proper LOS implementation. Right now, and this is my personal impression, it feels a bit dumb and is deceiving after you catch how things work. Right now the LOS concept is way too basic and lack logic refining making the combat a bit too rought. I don t know if its due to map but: Soldiers are affected by myopi, they can t see stuff more than 20 meter in front of them. Armor restrict sight but they also restrict pure front sight ? What the logic in that ? Helmet restrict lateral ad upward sight not front sight, if that is the problem augment lateral turn cost, especially when crouched it should take more time to turn to get in firing position, and firing readinees when looking trought a scope. But the more pissing feature of the combat due to the actual system consist of 2 parts: 1) the lack of sight even if you are "scoped" myope scope too ? This could be solved putting time penalty to turning + aiming. 2) The "leaping sight syndrom", the fact that if you (or the aliens) have a men on a far corner and the sniper on the diametral corner with open space you are able to shoot it, but if the soldier not there you not even able to see it. I know its a double wind feature, but its so illogic it hurts, especially when the ennemy has snipers and one near your transport. But i also find this feature on our side ridiculous. Another minor annoyance is how the hell, if coming from the air, don t we know where the ufo is downed, maps aren t big enought to justify this. then at least, if keeping things as now, implement Multiple UFO spawn location in the map. That would be greatly appreciated because after 3 sessions os a map you know exactly where to go. A feature that would be nice is to allow shooting "over shoulder", if one soldier is crouched the one standing up on a square right next to it should be able to fire without hitting it. Its not another annoyance that could turn pretty cool any, militari /police force is trained to so. Then I would say its a totally expected feature in such a game. Normal pistol are pretty useless, i always wonder why they put them in games, too slow firerate, too low power, and absurdly lacking precision at short range, no shield or whatever to give them a use. Waste of work. A thing that shocked me and it is probably the result of the short myope soldiers is the fact that lizardmens are stated as poor eyesight, and yet they see far longer than you when you don an armor. This could be solved by helmet being optional, but this would surely implicate a minimum of locational damage, which would be aesomely cool (and maybe an excuse to carry pistols) but i don t know if this engine support this. The last mistake of combat is not having weapon modularity. UFO series implemented it, and returning to this dull state is quite deceiving. At the timeframe, many scopes, grenade launcher, laser sight, bipod etc.. were already there. All in all the game is enjoyable, but it has extremely low replayability as it is, and i don t see this changing unless some considerable changes are done. Right now my "november" game crashed on the "Hidden Movement" screen and sadly, even being a great apreciator of this kind of games, i really don t feel like starting another game right now. Just because i feel its has not enought surprises, too previsible,too much harassement in some parts to pull me in again. I will play again in maybe some weaks, but its not a game i see myself playing again once finished, it probably lack somr amplitude. If i could take TFTD GFX and some improvement in the usability department i would play again., but its too dated, even the STEAM version. I hope i haven t offended anyone, this is merely my feedback as a customer.
  5. Hotfix 3 includes all the changes from the prior hotfixes. To apply it, simply download the file from the link below and unzip it to your /xenonauts/ folder. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18.51_hotfix3.rar In addition to the changes from Hotfix 1 (not many) and Hotfix 2 (a lot), the following updates have been made: AI should no longer be able to accurately "guess" where your troops are from beyond their sight range AI should no longer get extra free TUs The "take and hold" victory has been re-introduced, where you can win a crash site by clearing the UFO and keeping a unit inside it for 5 turns Stun grenades should no longer cause AI hangs Reloading a pistol in the off-hand no longer causes crashes MiG has 4 missile slots again. This will be reduced to 2 in V19 but the game is not balanced for it at the moment (causes some weird behaviour in the air combat too) Combat shield has been disabled, as it has historically been causing crashes in some circumstances. It will be back in all future versions but I'm not going to risk putting it in the Steam "stable release". Please report any crashes experienced in this build in this thread, and also post here if the AI is still obviously misbehaving. If there are no major crashes and the AI is working better than before, this will become V18.52 and the Steam Early Access release build. I'll get it ported to Mac / Linux and the Desura branches / standalones updated accordingly too.
  6. What the hell with all that stuff? I killed all aliens on the map, why mission is not ending? First i thought the there was some sucker hiding somewhere, like lobstermen like to do on their sneakin underwater bases. Than I opened this forum and read the beginning of a thread Is it possible to actually secure an UFO? (Yes!) So i guesses, ok, i should try do this. So all my soldiers had a very funny party in this little flying saucer, all standing there and looking on their alien technology stuff. It was really fun 5 turns. Packed with action. And whoa - mission ended. And ok, we salvaged some alien tech pistols that's good, and my scientists are immediately ready to research them... but wait, how, my crew is still in Alaska, and they have pretty much hours to fly to their base in Minsk. Wow, those spots on geosphere... I can send interceptors to them. But how, how can I know? This game is a catastrophe. UI is hard to follow, sound is not working, gamedesign is no fun. Guys do something. Shooting aliens was still fun. But it take daaaaaaaaays for soldiers to sit or standup.
  7. * I notice that I can destroy a wall (the gray cement things) nicely and walk right through the gap. However, while I can also destroy a hedge and shoot through the gap, I can not walk through it. Surely this is an opps. I would like to walk through destroyed gaps in hedges in a later version. * Should I get taking fire, but totally unable to see the shooter? I can see this argued several ways, just wondering if it was intentional. * Back at Base, I should be able to see the Health of my unassigned troops in the Squad Screen. As it is, I have to go to the Personnel Screen and back. I mention this although I later realized I can assign troops in or out of the active squad in the Personnel Screen. * Three out of five ground actions were on the same, or very similar map, but the location of the aliens were not the same. Early days, of course. Just thought I'd mention it. * I just finished a clinic in my base. Should I see something about this in my troops healing? I would think that moving them to a proper clinic from wherever they have been stuffed on their own with self-administered morphine and bandages should result in faster healing. BTB, I had one troop evac at 1% Health! Is slowly healing and even got medal. * I did not see any of the previously reported alien shooting through blank wall when my troops were right beside the wall. In one mission there was a very clear situation where I could see an alien on one side and my troops directly on the other side right by the wall and taking no fire. So I guess you guys fixed that one. * When installing via Steam, the desktop link lacks an icon. * The weights for items needs to be relooked, a pistol or rifle magazine does not weight a kilo. Adding a realistic number of mags gets heavy much too quickly. * The 'Belt' has far too few slots. I can carry a pistol and two mags. In reality, a pistol, four mags and two grenades would be kind of minimal. * The number of troop slots located at the bottom of the screen Base/AC Equipment/Dropships should be 12 instead of 6. There is plenty of space available, why not avoid unnecessary scrolling? * Really minor point, but it looks like the three guys in the first screen are all corporals, ie low ranking enlisted troops as opposed to the high ranking officers one would assume would be in charge of defending Earth. Looks weird or probably modeled on an army whose uniforms I'm not familiar. But then all the weapons that all the bases start out with are US issue weapons - which is also odd, somehow I don't see the Chinese using M16s. Maybe in later versions there will be regional weapons for the various regions? +++ Really like the fact that the game includes such an easy to use gameconfig.xml for making player tweaks. The idea that 40% of the combat soldiers available in any military in 1979 were female is beyond ludicrous. ??? In game the rank between Major and Colonel is Commander. Lieutenant Colonel is the rank I would have expected with a Commander being the naval equivalent of an army Lieutenant Colonel. Perhaps I'm being US-centric. Very early days at this saving of an ungrateful humanity. Seem to be having a lot of troops getting chewed up. Have had to take some missions with a Squad of only four troops, everyone else was back at base shooting morphine and applying their own bandages waiting for the union shop guys to get around to finishing the clinic. Having fun with this one.
  8. Hello, all! I was hoping to be able to resist the siren call of Xenonauts, but alas it's lure proved too strong and I had to give it a go. I could pretend I'm sad or something - but yeah, no. So far I'm extremely pleased with the game, the direction, and most of all the wonderfully depressed faces on each and every human. More games need that~ More seriously though, there's a lot of ground I wanted to cover. Some of this is possibly not WAD though I didn't think anything was enough to warrant a bug report. Starting off, the lack of funds at the beginning of the game... I can't tell if I like it or not. On the one hand, actually having to sell alien artefacts is great and really makes you feel like you're pulling by on the skin of your teeth - but given the rate you hemorrhage money, it seems like it might fit the tone of the game better to instead make players think it won't be a problem, only for newbies to invest lots of money and get a pleasant surprise as funding is cut, and cut, and cut again. On the third hand though - I don't think I've ever gotten any better than good on a mission. I usually stun any aliens that aren't at full attention, as stun rods are quite handy, and am pretty good about avoiding civilian casualties... Mine or alien in cause. I don't reload in-stage, though I never ironman (I've just never understood the appeal), and I take a fairly long time to complete stages. I'm guessing the last one is holding my 'rank' back? This seems like a bug, though given my previously low (not terrible, just had drifted from average to bad) relation with the US, it could just be cause and effect: After a terror mission in Anchorage, which I completed successfully, I received several instances of "Terror Mission In Anchorage!!" pop up. Having just won the previous mission with a mostly green squad, I was in no condition to fight again and I assumed it was just the escorts from the landed craft bugging up or something; then I received multiple reports of Anchorage nuking itself, though my rating didn't seem to change at all. Figuring it was an appearance error, I ignored them and continued playing; only to find out that this month I've lost all of North America. I don't have any backup saves, so - WAD? (And if so, is there a way to restore relations, or did I just 'Terror from the Deep' it?) Chinook range seems a bit low. Would it be possible to build underway refueling points? I reckon it's probably too much to ask at this point in the game, but it might be cool to have extra installations that can come under attack from aliens... Or perhaps even humans. Weapon and armor upgrades seem really good, if a bit linear and almost not worth the investment. Given how rare money is, investing in bases and even in green squaddies seems more useful, as if you're a good enough player you'll be avoiding most shots in the first place. The first armor upgrade doesn't seem to be worth the money and time at all, whereas the wolf/buzzard suits are very usable, though again - perhaps not as important as another base, or a dropship, or an interceptor... It doesn't really feel like a choice, as you need power projection even to play - so all the cool extra upgrades are put off, and by the time you have cashflow to invest in them, something better (and more money/time intensive) has come along. I'm sure the problem is worse on Insane... Hunters... I don't know about the other (if there are any) armored vehicles yet, but these are definitely not worth the investment, even with Pulse Lasers. They are useful as cover, definitely, and both the rocket and laser attachments are fantastically effective; but the Hunter is too bulky to make up for the fact you're technically getting half the possible actions. And of course, machines don't self-improve like human resources do. That being said, again - that Pulse Laser is something. Very satisfying, 10/10 in alien zorching. Lore is fantastic. I feel like I personally know not only my squads, but the head of R&D. Clearly we'd be firm friends. Heh. There aren't enough games set in this time period with a serious setting - the only game that comes to mind being the in-dev East Vs. West - and you capture that as well as the feel of X-Com... Which isn't an easy feat, especially as Xenonauts is trying and succeeding at standing on its own merits. I don't know if I've got the time, but would you mind if I did a screenshot AAR/Let's Play of this at some point, or would you prefer people wait till beta is over? What else... One of my soldiers has no portrait or hands, just transparencies where they should be. This is definitely a bug, but please don't fix it. I've grown very attached to Джанна Живаневская, Invisible Woman. Of course, she can only turn invisible when there are no aliens around, so it's usefulness in combat is a bit less then optimal, but I remain convinced that humble invisibility is they key to not dying before the next budget report. Winning I mean. Winning. Yes. Again - fantastic so far, and thanks for surprising me and keeping me amazingly optimistic about the future of gaming. Congrats on getting into beta, onto steam, &c&c!
  9. I know Chris said that switching to Veteran just makes the aliens have more hit points, but I don't think that's all that happens. My guys shoot much less accurately on veteran. I think they might also move/act slower (not sure about this one though.) AND the aliens are substantially tougher like Chris said. I was losing an average of one guy per mission on Veteran. Also, the larger alien ships and critters appear much sooner. When I switched back to Normal everything pretty much seemed the same as it was in before the last couple patches. I've lost two guys in about 10 missions and one of them was a accidental move that put my guy right in front of alien the other was an autofire from an alien that was supposed to be suppressed (very rare.)
  10. #1 Improvement: The AI is VASTLY better! It was aggressive, moved up and engaged my guys from three directions one turn out of the Chinook. I had two wounded before I could even get to decent cover. The AI used cover well and didn't retreat until it was outnumbered about four to one locally even then it moved back to a better and continued to fire. You will definitely need to use "real" tactics to win now. Running out across the open with no scouting and no covering fire will get you killed. You have to operate as a team now. Single troops are dead meat. It will ambush you and it will fire until you're dead. No more reaction fire only. I gotta give the AI a HUGE thumbs up. The new "blood drop" to indicate bleeding troops is an excellent idea. My only major issue: You still can't throw grenades from behind/over objects. I really think this ought to be fixed before the game is released to Steam. Only a couple small glitches. I was able to run through a car and I had some minor issues with the base menus. This might be an actual beta candidate, but I'll to play quite a bit more before I can be sure. Right now, I'm pretty impressed.
  11. Ok I just seen this game on Steam and just about passed it over, but I accidently clicked on the link for it's info and now I'm here to grill people for answers, lol. I'm a huge fan of X-Com UFO Defense and pretty much that only one in the series. With that being said I didn't mind the new Enemy Unknown, but it wasn't UFO Defense. I've played all the other X-Coms in the series and most of the knockoffs of X-Com to date. None of the others have managed to keep my attention and they usually are un-installed within the week. So I ask as a major UFO Defense fan and a barely impressed fan of everything else will I be modestly interested in this game Xenonauts? The graphics seem right from the screens I've seen, but what about the nuts and bolts if you will? The only other question I have is; If this game will appeal to me is this the write time to buy it or are there to many game breaking bugs at the moment to properly enjoy it? Cheers,
  12. This fix is an update for V18.51 and includes Hotfix 1 too. To use it, simply download the file and unzip the archive into your /xenonauts/ folder. Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18.51_hotfix2.rar CHANGELOG: Xenopedia now has an entry for every research project, some 31,000 words of it. It needs more editing though. Mission debrief "UFO Secured" scores reduced substantially to prevent the player getting so much of a funding increase after every mission. Aaron's first balance patch has been introduced, mostly affecting the ground combat: Alien races have been homogenised, so there currently is no stats differentiation between different races. The UFO crew size now increases linearly with size, starting with 4 crew in a Light Scout and going up to 16 in a Battleship. Weapon tiers are now identical to the tier before, but do additional damage. Zoom levels have fixed accuracy levels between weapons - level one zoom will always be (say) 50 accuracy, level 2 will be 75 accuracy etc. Weapons simply have different zoom levels and different TU costs for each level. We will add more variation back into the game once we have a solid game progression in place that we can use as a framework. There were too many variables at play previously. [*]Added difficulty settings back in. Aliens have 20% more health than normal on Veteran and 50% more on Insane. Easy mode they have 80% health and do 75% normal damage. BUGFIXES: Game no longer crashes on losing a combat mission. Civilians that bleed to death no longer automatically counted as killed by Xenonauts. Hidden Movement screen sound reduction now only applies on hidden movement (so when the image is being shown) Rocket launcher default ammo now updates as new rockets are unlocked. Game Over screen no longer appears behind terrain. Various level editor viewing fixes. Flashbangs no longer suppress through walls. A combat crash with invalid weapons has been fixed. Not sure what this one is tbh. You now get victory points for capturing a UFO even if you save / load. C4 now works properly with save / load. Let me know if it makes the game better to play, or if it has crashes in it. If it is clean, I will add it to the V18.51 release in time for the Steam release and call it V18.52, and that'll be the stable build we'll port to other platforms and keep for some time. I'd be particularly interested to see if the aliens still have vastly longer sight ranges than your men in this build. We couldn't actually replicate the issue in the dev build. Let me know if it's still affecting things! EDIT - it seems there's still some AI-related shenanigans, with it not playing by the same rules as you have to regarding TUs and LOS. It's still worth applying this hotfix because of the stability benefits, but the community have done some detective work on the causes of this and hopefully we'll have a hotfix 3 out soon.
  13. This is just a hotfix for the issue where the AI can see through walls if they are placed on non-visible tiles, including their UFO walls. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26290309/V18.51_Hotfix1.rar Just update the .exe file. It shouldn't invalidate save files or anything like that, but if it causes any weird behaviour please report it in this thread instead of in the main bug forums. I don't want to confuse everything.