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Found 39 results

  1. KommissarFrank

    Setting up gas masks?

    Hi, I'm stupidly new at this and have little experience in modding beyond color changes and maps back in Warcraft 3. I started playing Xenonauts because XCOm during the Cold War sounds awesome. But I'm big on customizing my soldier's gear. I've got no issue with the current armours, but on thing came to mind: Where are my M17 NATO gas masks? I'm a sucker for these kinds of things and I want to attempt to just scribble on gas masks on my trooper's armor. I'm not looking to change sprites or stats (heck, I could paint the masks tan and it'd be fine), but I want to tackle this right. I found the image assets, but now I'm not sure where to go next. I have a feeling that if I just edit the armor images I'll crash the game. Any advice for a complete and utter newbie? Picture for reference
  2. I would like to remake the colossus armour as the last word of battlefield protection. make it have two hardpoints to attach specifically made modules to, maybe a plasma shield module, a rocket module, a machine gun module, a healing module and a singularity cannon module. it could provide amazing modifications to some stats and downgrades to others
  3. urs369

    Armour replacer

    Armour replacer v.07 More realistic and detailed armour for your SWAT team. This is only a texture replacement, no change of gameplay. In this version changed basicarmour, jackalarmour wolfarmour and buzzardarmour. Installation: copy the contents of the archive into the game folder (after installing other mods!!! if there are any) and confirm the replacement. For the best atmospheric games I recommend: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/f...ressive-UI-Mod Armour replacer on Xenonauts Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/m...3Fid%3D9&pUp=1 To use this replacement in your mod, you must ask permission of the author. Good luck in battle, commander. Armour Replacer v07.zip Armour Replacer v07.zip
  4. urs369

    Armour replacer v.06

    More realistic and detailed armour for your SWAT team. This is only a texture replacement, no change of gameplay. In this version changed basicarmour, jackalarmour and wolfarmour. Installation: copy the contents of the archive into the game folder (after installing other mods!!! if there are any) and confirm the replacement. For the best atmospheric games I recommend: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/10961-V1-07-Skitso-s-Oppressive-UI-Mod Armour replacer on Xenonauts Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/xenonauts/mods/9/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fxenonauts%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D9&pUp=1 To use this replacement in your mod, you must ask permission of the author (that is me). Sorry if that is not correct, English is not my native language. Good luck in battle, commander. Armour Replacer v06.zip Armour Replacer v06.zip
  5. [Version 21 Stable HF] In the Soldier Equipment Screen, when a solider has custom armour e.g. wolf armour, and the soldier is dismissed whilst wearing it. The armour does not go back into the Storeroom!! Thanks
  6. I just got a jumpsuit equipped. How the hell do I work it? What button/switch/key do I press??? Apology, if topic already covered, but couldn't find in the manual?
  7. Szhival

    Armor modding question

    I tweaked a bit with armor values for the ingame armors [and no else values, just the <Resistance ... > line ] and somehow my Jackal-equipped troops have 0 view range... Any tips what might have caused this..?
  8. Aspen28570

    Armor Question.

    I've heard somewhere armor degrades, is that true? And if so do you have to replace it every so often?? Thanks
  9. I've been skimming the xenonauts wiki and it seems certain things in it are either currently disabled in-game or have been outright dropped (flamethrower and I hear hypervelocity weapons) so my question is: What weapons and armour are currently in the game and what will be put in or back in in the future (certainty or reasonably certain)?
  10. I understand ballistic armor arent fit to dispel heat generated by the Alien plasma weaponry.. only partially. There are many ballistic vest core. Some are kevlar/steel plates, and i dont understand why the steel wouldn t provide some protection even minor, Others are Kevlar/ceramic plates. And there s were the game theory goes to hell, Ceramic are extremely resilient to heat, thats whe they are used on space shuttle (ok its a special ceramic) but ballistic ceramic would provide cover. Now i understand that maybe, this is the case for the first armor. The ballistic ceramic could be less resistent, the steel even less. But even then, i don t understand why we haven t a starter armor, it doesn t make sense. Could be heavy Bulky provide little armor but it would be player choice to use it or not.
  11. The helmet on this picture looks odd and ugly. Could you change / improve it?
  12. Because it sure as hell doesn't seem to reduce incoming damage. It seems to me like it just randomly negates damage entirely. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather have a flat damage reduction all the time then to just randomly have damage blocked at a seemingly low chance.
  13. Since it is now possibe to play quite far or even finish the game i think im not far away from the end aswell and got a few questions about the current state of game. 1. Is the D.54 already workin as intended? I read somewhere you get only crashes since some stuff isnt implmentet. 2.Is Predator and sentinel last armour to get or is Colossus still possible to get, since its still listed in the wiki. 3.Is EMP workin on androids or not? I was never able so far to get a robot stunned with these nades. 4.Are there any base facilities which we have to research and can be build later on (except for the upgrades of the missile baracks)? E.G. i didn´t see any difference when i researched "base improvement" and there is no description for it, at least i had none. 5.Can i find the correct armour values of predator, sentinel, wolf..... anywhere? would like to now how big the difference really is. Ingame there not too much difference i feel. 6. is there any trick to catch those wraith´s??? I had a couple ufo capture missions when the last alien was a wraith and he just kept on porting away. no chance to get him so mission end after 5 turns occupying the ufo and missed the last kill there. Not too much of a hassle, but a little frustrating to catch the rabbit there.
  14. Hey fellas. I haven't really found any place that shows the actual stats (weight, protection, etc) of the soldier armors, but I did search In my game, I just got the sentinel armor, and boy is it super cool. I have been assuming its better than the wolf armor in terms of protection, since... its newer. But I so far have no idea. If it is better, it kind of feels like I'm missing a suit of armor that would be jumpless, but between the sentinel and the predator in terms of protection. So question 1: Does the sentinel have more protection than the wolf armor? and question 2: Anyone else feel like having nearly a whole troop of flying guys seems a bit excessive and would like a ground-based option? That's assuming the sentinel is actually superior to the wolf in terms of protection anyway.
  15. This might sound ridiculous, but what if you dont want actual firepower on a tank, but instead want it to scouting unit capable to taking higher punishment than before? Then think no further, by not equipping your weapon systems, you replace them with increase plating on every single side, you want have any firepower but your tank will be a a moving barricade for your soldiers to take cover next to it.
  16. jupilerke1967

    Camouflaged Armor

    Is It possible to get camouflage on the armors that adapt to the ground youre fighting in like first battle is in desert region your team wears desert camouflage next battle is in artic region so you get artic camouflage? regards jupilerke
  17. Am i the only one experiencing this? Researching, making, and equipping your soldiers with jackal armor might probably be a death trap. Firstly - the limited vision is a huge minus, as most of the other aliens, even sebillians, can spot me and shoot before i can (i'm not even talking about ceasans). The extra weight is also a turn off, since i like to equip every soldier with a medipack, just in case (considering that the jackal armor has only marginal protection capabilities). It's expensive and time consuming to make. In conclusion - my entire squadron, equipped with jackal armor has an overall worse combat performance than equipped with basic armor. The only workaround i see is that you either remove vision penalty, weight penalty, or you increase the defensive properties of the armor. TL;DR Jackal is utterly shitty, even basic armor is better
  18. Perfectly fitting existant lore suggestion, ability to tell your xenonauts to not use helmets in combat. It shoud looks like single checkbox near armor selection list named "without helmet" with effects: No helmet! (optional since require spritework) -75% armor (without helmet suit provide only 25% of its armor, negating most of it's usefullness) No sigh penalty This will allow player to give obsolete suits to recon xenonauts\snipers and other units that not planning to soak allien fire.
  19. Hi guys, back to check out the steam version of Xenonauts. Quick question, how do I buy new armor for my guys? I don't see any type of "buy/sell" screen like we used to have in UFO. Thanks in advance.
  20. Gumballthechewy

    Jackal Combat Armour?

    I've been out of the loop for a while but I've downloaded and played the latest (from Steam, I don't know what version, I just downloaded it a couple days ago) and I love it so far, but I was just wondering where the Jackal armour is? I've researched Alien Alloys, Alenium, Hunter Armoured Car, Stun Weapons and a few other things, so, where is it? Did it get taken out of the game? If it didn't how do you get it?
  21. I never really played with these since I saw all the crash reports about shooting down from above anyway, but I found there was a hedge I wanted to jump over, but couldn't figure out how to actually do that. I can't seem to just hop up one level, and trying to just move on the shortest path into the empty space on the other side of the hedge has my soldier run waaaaaay around rather than just hopping over. Am I missing something? Is this a flaw in the implementation of the armor programming? Are they just not done yet? Seems like hopping over something would be a pretty basic way to use them.
  22. Since I did not yet notice any way to judge whether a soldier is wounded on the Equipment page, I am frequently going to the Personnel Management screen to assign people to and from the transport. Since this screen lists what armor the soldier is wearing, why not make that field selectable so that I can remove the armor from those who are wounded. (An alternative is to make the wound conditions obvious on the equipment screen.) There may be other, similar enhancements that could be made to that screen to further streamline management.
  23. I have played through the first few months several times with version 18 and I have been trying to balance the production costs of Jackal armour against the alien weapon ramp ups. Jackal armor currently costs $30k a unit and it starts to become fairly vital once you hit the second month and alien weapons start to 1 hit kill. Currently the high cost feels like an inhibitor when you are trying to get yourself established, as it is something that you almost must produce in a large quantity if you want to keep up. I use a 15 soldier rotation at the start of the game and trying to equip these units with armour can become a bit of a headache early on and the funding for this is heavily affected by the number of UFO's that you can shoot down in the first 4 weeks before you hit the bigger UFO'S. My suggestion would be to reduce the cost of Jackal to 15k a unit. This way production of the armour doesn't cripple your efforts to expand/build hunters/interceptors at the beginning, but still requires some thought and planning.
  24. IMHO the main considerations for armor should be cost and weight vs protection. Right now the game incentivizes small arms to use high vision range armor in detriment of their rational weight/protection preferences (they're only carrying small arms AND are the ones in the line of fire). It's weird that my rocket launcher guys are using wolf but my riflemen buzzard. How about the difference between armor vision ranges is nothing or 1 tile, but the cone of vision gets impacted greatly? That seems much more realistic to me (peripheral vision being limited) and adds some flavour without becoming the defining characteristic. Squadsight obviously negates the impact to a certain extent.