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Found 3 results

  1. Making weapons modifiable with diffrent items would be cool every item also having a drawback so the weapons are more unique suited for the situation. Also it d be cool if you could add diffrent kinds of ammunition, like high powered sniper ammo which is more effective against armored but weaker against non armored units. I d love to help creating a concept for weapon modification if it is appreciated id work out a concept
  2. I've honestly been enjoying the replicating ammunition bug... at first just because it seemed to slightly balance out the disappearing equipment one, but I've come to realize (with the rockets and missiles) that manufacturing ammunition just isn't that enjoyable and I don't really miss it at all. Weapons, armor, tanks, jets, bases, building - they have more strategic intent to them. One of the very "XCOM" moments is when the majority of squad has laser rifles, and you're scrounging around for heavy plasma clips, looting corpses in battle, only kitting out a favorite officer or two with HP. Then that moment when your whole squad (more or less) is using them and you feel like you've "made it". It's a classic feeling, but is it really worth replicating? Given that laser and rifle both require ammo, given that you can't use enemy clips... manufacturing ammunition is just going to be a time / resource sink that isn't particularly meaningful. I almost think Chris put the bug in so this would come up in the community heh. Possible ways to deal with tier 2+ ammo: * Just handwave it away, included in cost of weapons (more elenium required per weapon). * You could have some sort of recharger building in base - so you still have to pay for the building / decide how much ammo to carry into combat, but you have an effective infinite supply when equipping. * Go back to lasers being infinite ammo, make plasma a tad bit stronger than they currently are but require ammo. As a bonus your starting Plasma weapons could ONLY use alien clips at first, then down the road unlock research to either manufacture your own as is or infinite generate them (some machine that refills spent clips or something). You'd have that almost at a tier but not quite there, and it wouldn't be a "waste" if you researched plasma before laser this way.
  3. Xenonauts already reduces some of the micro through the auto-selling of excess alien items. I would suggest to make the clips / magazines of all firearms available in unlimited quantity. The only things the player would manufacture would be the "heavy" ordnance like launcher rockets, grenades, and interceptor missiles. Things that come as single items. Constantly monitoring the number of pistol and rifle clips is just no fun. That also prevents the sadface when an entire clip is "used up" even though only a single round had been fired in the mission. Tracking the actual number of bullets is a silly level of detail that doesn't fit with the rest of Xenonauts.