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Found 1 result

  1. Build V9.1 has been finalised and is released on Desura! This is only available with the Desura client download (it should give you an update icon on the Play page) - downloading without the client as a .rar file will take a day or two to update yet. Full update notes are below, but the big news is that AI is back in and now the aliens are moving and shooting. It's not particularly refined and hopefully we'll make big improvements on it over the next month or so, but at least the game is playable once again. Sorry for the delay on this front - I know it's been painful. Two other major things to talk about quickly: Firstly, I've put new tiles in for the Scout and Light Scout (new UFO type) and there will be more UFO tiles coming, as well as the Chinook tiles being added to the game now. Generally this is great, but right now there's no UFO interiors so there's a couple of things missing that are needed for the tech tree to reach lasers / Wolf armour. We'll patch them back in next week, likely next weekend, when we add the interiors for the various craft. Secondly, as part of a much wider revamp of the research / manufacturing in the game that I did in the last week, we've made the MiG interceptor researchable instead of purchaseable. Unfortunately, there's a complication - it turns out the functionality to manufacture aircraft is not yet in place so you can unlock the manufacture but it doesn't work. Again, we'll get this fixed and patch this in next weekend. As the F-17s are now all you need in the early game, you're not missing out - just be aware of it. We're working on some features arriving in the next few weeks that I'm looking forward to showing off, but this update should keep you ticking over until next weekend. As always, if there's any bugs then post them up on our forums...but hopefully this should be a pretty stable build. Features: - AI is back in. - A new UFO has been added, the Light Scout. This is slower than weaker than previous UFOs and can be shot down by a single F-17 (it is set up to be shot down after two Sidewinder hits). As such, the MiG-32 is now researchable (although for the reasons mentioned above, not yet manufacturable). -The research project Alien Invasion has been added to the start of the game. This is the trigger for the MiG research becoming available. - New ground combat tile have been added for the Light Scout that has landed or crashed on the Farm tileset, and the Scout crashed on the Farm and the Industrial tileset. - The new Chinook tiles have also been added. -New ground combat UI has been added. This is still a WIP but includes an improved AP Reserve slider which shows the shot costs next to it, a Quick Reload and Quick Grenade throw button. Tooltips are also partially implemented. - Units in the Chinook will now automatically re-arrange themselves to accommodate vehicles instead of simply blocking the vehicle assignment if there is no 3x3 space present. - An extra copy of the select circle now appears above the head of units on mouseover, making it easier to select and identify units behind walls. - Weapons now have reload sounds. - Soldier portraits will repeat less frequently. - We have added new tiles for the Chinook and new tiles for the crashed Scout, although this is currently only present on the Farmyard tileset. We will roll out additional UFOs in the next few weeks. - Buildings now display roofs until you have a unit inside them, irrespective of camera level. There’s still some teething issues with this system but we’re working through it. - You can now modify the construction times and maintenance costs of buildings in /assets/buildings.xml, and building maintainance costs have been significantly reduced. - The alien invasion AI can now be balanced – the AM_ file in /assets/ allow you to specify which alien UFO types will appear flying the mission at what points. - UFOs are now less likely to immediately flee from combat when attacked with superior numbers of human craft. Bugfixes (amongst others): Ground Combat: - The camera is no longer restrained by the edges of the map on the Farm tileset. - The random crash associated with reaction fire has been fixed Air Combat: - Interceptors now move at correct speed when fightning against corvettes - The ”Invisible Fighter” issue (where the icon sometimes did not display) should be fixed. Geoscape: - Undetected UFOs will no longer spam the game with UFO Detected notifications if they attack Xenonaut craft. - Interceptors will now detect alien bases as soon as the base enters radar range of the craft. - Selling items on the store screen no longer results in an extra item being sold. - The Intercept window will no longer appear in duplicate if you intercept a UFO using the Intercept button Miscellaneous: - Pressing the ESC button will now correctly take you to a higher level of the menu