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Found 5 results

  1. Making weapons modifiable with diffrent items would be cool every item also having a drawback so the weapons are more unique suited for the situation. Also it d be cool if you could add diffrent kinds of ammunition, like high powered sniper ammo which is more effective against armored but weaker against non armored units. I d love to help creating a concept for weapon modification if it is appreciated id work out a concept
  2. I think it would be a great addition to the game to see more control over our soldier's appearance. One of the things that I loved about X-Com: Enemy Unknown was the ability to actually create a character and being able to control how they looked. Also, the ability to give them armor colors or something along those lines would add a huge amount of immersion and personality to the soldiers. In all of the X-Com games and some of the UFO series games, I had a very deep connection to my characters because I had the ability to look and feel like my friends or other iconic people to me. I feel that it adds a certain level of caring to your soldiers. Especially playing on Ironman Mode and knowing that if my Sgt. Lazzell gets capped by an alien, it'll be the last I see of him D: I would very much enjoy the ability to change my soldiers hair/color/armor color/ect therefore giving them more life and personality. Oh, and adding the ability to give our soldiers armor/weapons camo would be AWESOME. I mean, BEYOND AWESOME. My second suggestion is weapon customization. You guys will read this and think I am pulling this straight from Call of Duty, but I am not. I would like the ability add weapon attachments and the likes. Something even as simple as a scope, therefore giving an accuracy boost to the weapon. Or even a bayonet to go along with the melee attacks. Anything along those lines. I feel like it would give a tactical/immersion bonus to be able to actually have to think about your soldier's equipment. But, overall, very great game so far.
  3. Soldier Customization - Uniforms: I know this is aesthetic, but maan. Even though it'd be aesthetic, I love the idea of messing with color/camo schemes. You could split the slots between helmet, vest/joints and clothing. That, or limbs/vest & clothing. It would add a very nice touch in making the Xenonauts your own. You could have an all black, commando scheme, SWAT style scheme, U.N peacekeeper theme etc. I'd suggest: Colors: Gray, Dark Gray, Black, Navy Blue, Blue, Green, Olive Drab, Khaki, White Camo: Urban, Desert, Jungle/Forest is really all you'd need. Soldier Controls - Mass Select: One slightly annoying thing is that you can't simply move multiple units at once. Being able to drag/drop to select multiple troops to move in a direction would be nice. You could add a toggle to the UI to go by the furthest moving soldier, slowest or averaged speed. This would be very convenient and remove some micromanaging when it isn't needed. Weapon Customization: I know additional weapons aren't really planned but, any chance of having weapon customization ala Jagged Alliance? I'd absolutely love that. You could have the slots be: Top: For scopes. Including ones meant for more reflexive use, telescopic sights and night-vision. Handguard: Forward grips (increased accuracy), flashlights, bipods (less spread/more accuracy when firing in full auto/bursts). Could also be for changing materials for lighter weight (polymer vs wood, for example) Barrel: Length/weight of the barrel to effect accuracy/recoil/range. Stock: Removing/adding different kinds of stocks for weight. Having no stock could make a weapon one-handed or even lighter, but it'd effect accuracy and range. Clip: For a M16 for example, this could be anything from the standard 20 round, to the 30 round magazine to a drum. For the non-ballistic weapons, other than the above, I think you could do it to represent how 'advanced' or close to the original alien design it is. Say, you could make a laser gun with modern materials outside of the most essential things, but it can't be used after a certain amount of rounds (barrel melting/overheating) or it has less ammo per clip/take up more space (powerpacks). I haven't actually got far enough to use laser/plasma weapons yet, but you get the idea. Btw, is it possible to pin down enemy aliens? If not, then adding the ability to suppress fire would be pretty sweet.
  4. How about night vision goggles and infrared laser sights for pistols and rifles? Spotting scopes/binocs? Any other ideas?
  5. I would love to see the Xenonauts have weapon modifications like M203 grenade launchers, acog scopes, red dot sights and grips which would add different bonuses and disadvantages to the weapons.