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Found 1 result

  1. Well, I'm not sure but I think I am the only Vietnamese here in this forum so it's not really important to make a thread for this project. I just wanna join in the fun and to have somewhere to update my progress (help me feel I'm not alone in this, at least people in the forum will know that some Vietnamese dude is making a translation too). The reason I decide to make this translation project are : 1. I love games, especially this one. I have been a hardcore fan of the XCom series since elementary school [and yeah none of my friends play it, and I couldn't make them T_T]. 2. There are a lot of Vietnameses that enjoy a good game like this one, however lots of them have problem with the language barrier. If I was to make my friends try Xenonauts and buy it themselves I better make sure there IS a Vietnamese version for them first. Maybe then I could advertise this excellent game to Vietnamese gamers too [by some articles in game magazines and online gaming news, etc]. If that happen and Vietnamese starts to purchase Xenonauts I will expect some shares of the dough then, Chris 3. I like translating, and quite capable too ^^ So there, this thread is for updating progress. And here it is PROGRESS UPDATE 50% Nothing yet, except my intention to begin and currently researching the methods [in our country there's a saying "To begin mean 50% complete already"]