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Found 2 results

  1. Maybe this doesn't belong here, I am not sure to be honest. When I start the game from Desura often the launcher won't come up. I'll wait around, bob around on the net and then 20 minutes later I'll have it come up. Sometimes a few if I have tried launching again between then and now. It's really obnoxious but bearable. I'm just wondering if it's me, desura or the game. I am assuming it is the game because I have no problem with the Battle of Wesnoth which I also play on Desura. Anyway, let me know if you guys have experienced this. I'm hoping it just goes away or gets fixed in a patch.
  2. Hi Xenonauts, Unfortunately I tried finding my previous comment on this topic but the search bar or manually searching the previous post wasn't successful! I've tried verifying the file again several times, after each update too. I've also tried turning off the firewall but the same old still happens... I load the launcher, i select either of the full demo or quick battle, then nothing happens... I'm very confused why this is happening and i'm going to try another PC soon-ish, but if that doesn't work is it possible (as painful and upsetting this is to say) to get a refund? Unless there are more solutions I can follow or need to check on that would benefit? Very kind regards and apologies for this issue.