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Found 2 results

  1. Sometime alient make some terror on our planet. Hilarious when this is done by non-crew vessel like a bomber or strike cruiser. You have a site without of site and instead of ground combat (terror mission) you only get a saucer hovering in a fixed place waiting for you to send some interceptors beat it from a sky. There vessels must be banned from terror missions ship type list. Can't find a spoiler function to hide screenshot.
  2. Two suggestions: 1) Storage locker inside of the dropship. That will enable you to take extra ammo/equipment on a mission and run back to the dropship to ressuply if necessary or if tactical conditions change. 2) Worldmap structures. If anyone played UFO: AI they know what I'm talking about The ability to build structures on the wroldmap. All of these minor installations are self-contained and can be attacked and destroyed by aliens (automatic, no player impute here) The structures could be: - Radar tower (smaller range than the base radar, but cheaper) - airstrip/fuel depot (aircraft/dropships can land ther to ressuply, effectively increasing their range by hopping from depot to depot) - UFO yard? - SAM site?