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Found 3 results

  1. anotherdevil

    Other awesome, retro styled games

    Hey, Just thought I'd start this thread up as people here are obviously interested in seeing X-COM coming back the way it was supposed to be, as in, not a FPS. I personally really disliked Fallout 3, had nothing of the charm of the first 2, and looked really, really ugly. But I did stumble upon 'Krater' today, which makes me hope there are other developers (other than Goldhawk obviously), who understand that not everyone plays FPS, and that the good old games from before times, were good for a reason! So here is the Krater site: http://www.kratergame.com/index.html If you know of anyone else making awesome games of old, feel free to post them and your impressions here. Also, Chris, this isn't meant as advertising or in any way to direct traffic off site. If it becomes a problem however, feel free to close this up.
  2. To put it simply I want to know during which time frame did you enjoy playing video games the most. It is going to be broken down like this 1980-1992 The era of text games, simple games. With a few gems sprinkled in here and there. Build mainly either all on story or game play. In My opinion I would call this the Silver Age of games (but like I said it had some hidden gems) 1993- 2004 The era of 2D and isomorphic graphics, games suplemented limited graphics with stronger stories, this was the hay day of adventure games, the beginning of the RPG and FPS, the rise of Sid Meir, The conquering of the world by Microsoft. Also seeing the rise and decline of the PC platform as the premier gameing platform. This in my opinon is the Golden Age of Video games, the right level of narriative with the leave it to imagination graphics. (Well except for that detour with Video adventure games ya know the one with movie clips) 2005-2012 The era of 3D games, when FPS became the dominent game genre, game length shortened as graphics took up valuable space. Grinding in RPGs was replaced with side quest(well except for WOW, but that came from 04) Studios were hit and miss on balancing graphics with good story. Consoles took there place as the main stream popular gameing device. ( I would call this the copper age) and the 4th option is 1980-2012, You enjoyed it all equally. Now to be honest, I would say almost every game is linear is some fasion. You have a storyline, or some end goal point to achieve, and the in between can be short, just simple hallways, or wide open full of side quest(or grinding). I have played very few games with no particular goal or storyline in mind, one of the few being Mount & Blade. I also believe that game play has constantly improved I love my old games from the 90's and early 00's but I can agree that a lot of newer games have better game play (with some exceptions). The problem I think some of us older games have is that some of the games we loved playing have either pretty much died like tactical strategy games(X-Com, Jagged Alliance, while RT I would include Close Combat here) Well until today apparantly or been absorbed, Adventure games basically becoming apart of RPGs. The big difference between the 2 before they merged In RPG's you got quest, went and killed, collected XP, and repeat the cycle. In Adventure Games You maybe had an idea on your Quest/story, completed puzzles, repeat the cycle. Then they merged and you have multiple quest,and puzzles. I'm rambling but I am going to say the 93-04 selection because I have played almost no games from the 80's due to my age. But I can see good points in all of them but I loved that era. Pick yours and tell us why you like one era and maybe hate another one. EDIT: I some how accidently turned off the poll, right before I submitted for the post. So just say the era and why, and I'll try to keep a running total at the top here. 1980-1992: 0 1993-2004: 10 2005-2012: 0 1980-2012: 0
  3. Not sure if there are many others on these forums who have played Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters, but I decided to make this thread anyway, in case someone would be interested. So, I became real giddy when I saw these videos a while ago: (conversation with a race called the Lurg) (intro video)After doing some reseach, I found out it's a fan-made mod "sequel" to SC2. I am SO looking forward to this, and based on the high quality of the demo I recently tried, I'm fully prepared to accept this as canon instead of that horrible pile of excrement called Star Control 3. I like where they have gone with the plot, and the Lurg seem like an interesting new race. Thought the voice, music and dialogue used for them was really well done. The encounters with some of the old races were interesting as well, and the new art used for some of them (especially the Syreen) was of great, quality stuff. Second demo coming at the end of November, full game should be released early next year. First Xenonauts, now this?! The world better not end in 2012 before I've played both of these games... http://code.google.com/p/project6014/