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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am new to modding Xenonauts and am wondering if there is a good pack or group of mods people would recommend to make the game feel more....finished I guess?....or just the best game experience people have found thus far. I am not looking for any god items or anything like that, just more maps, more guns, more stuff basically. Also it would be nice to not have to spend a load of time downloading and installing multiple mods and then troubleshooting compatibility, so also a list of known working mods would be grat as well. I know I ask a lot but I figured this may be easier than spending all day figuring it out myself.
  2. DarkPonzu

    Games For Lonely People

    Can anyone recommend some fun PC games (besides Minecraft and MMOs) for people who are socially impaired? It gets hard to play single player games sometimes. Multiplayer games remind me that there are other humans out there, although I don't know why that's so comforting to someone as misanthropic as myself I got Torchlight 2, but I'm focusing on single player for now. I'm thinking about getting into Realm of the Mad God. I also like iSketch and Ace of Spades. If anyone has any other quick to get into Co-Op or PVP games (preferably free) feel free to list them here, thanks.
  3. Vivisector 9999

    Great stuff on Desura?

    On the latest Desura debate/bashing thread, some of us mentioned that they found good projects that they would have otherwise never heard of. So that's what this thread is about. What great stuff have YOU found on Desura? Here, I'll get the ball rolling. I haven't spent that much time going through Desura's catalog myself, but I thought Neo Scavenger was kinda interesting.