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Found 1 result

  1. First off, let's start out by saying that this game has the best writing of any of the X-Com games ever. It really does. We all appreciate what Chris and all of the other devs are doing; namely, a superb job. That being said, lets get to business. GOALS Create a list of places in the in-game lore (Xenopedia) that contradict realism or otherwise break player immersion. Make proposals to alter the in-game lore to more realistically explain the game without altering the gameplay. Do it all in such a way as to minimize the work and/or annoyance of the developers. (We want to help, really. ) How we will accomplish this: People will make posts detailing specific instances of unrealistic or otherwise immersion-breaking lore ("unrealisms"). I will update this post with a list briefly describing each unrealism and include a link to the post. We will discuss the specific issues to try to reach a few good realistic explanations to replace the immersion-breaking one. When we reach a few good ones that people can (mostly) agree on and that make sense, I will update the list to indicate that the issues has been resolved and include a link to a post containing the more realistic lore. Allow Chris to decide if the proposed alteration is acceptable. IMPORTANT: To keep things organized, I'd ask us to avoid reporting unrealisms and discussing unrealisms in the same posts. Report posts should only contain where the unrealism is found, and why it is unrealistic. Feel free to make a second post directly after the report to discuss it. LIST OF UNREALISMS: Changes Not Proposed Yet <none> Changes Proposed LINK Missile Range Explanation is Unrealistic --Sidewinder --Avalanche LINK Fighters Having Armor is Unrealistic -- CONDOR -- FOXTROT LINK Weapon "Magazines" Erroneously Called "Clips" -- Rename Weapon Clips LINK Both Xenonauts and Local Forces use radar, but only the Xenonauts can see UFOs and track them consistently. So, we propose renaming the radar base structure. --(Same Link) OLD, OR OTHERWISE IRRELEVANT: