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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all! This mod changes the name of the ranks shown in the game, and replaces the rank images to fit the new rank names. The rank names are: Xenonaut-0 / X0 (from private) Xenonaut-1 / X1 (from corporal) Xenonaut-2 / X2 (from sergeant) Xenonaut-3 / X3 (from lieutenant) Xenonaut-4 / X4 (from captain) Xenonaut-5 / X5 (from major) Xenonaut-6 / X6 (from commander) Xenonaut-7 / X7 (from colonel) The rank images are: Here is the dropbox link to the .zip package: NEW LINK: OLD LINK WAS BROKEN for some reason. Instructions for Installation: The lore behind these ranks: (It's an interesting read, I recommend it. ) Special Thanks to cspruce who did all of the artwork for the rank icons, without whom this couldn't have been finished. PS: Role Icons in a similar style may come later; provided your guys like the mod. EDIT: Upon using my mod for a while, I realized that I liked X-0, X-1, X-2 etc as opposed to X0, X1, X2, but that's just my personal preference. The strings.xml file included in the package is super outdated, so instead of simply replacing the normal one with mine, delve into the normal one, ctrl-f to find "captain", and you'll find the rank names. OLD INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Who knows, may come in handy.