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Found 1 result

  1. When trying the combat missions, seeing the crew compartment empty made me feel like the transport flew itself. The pilots step out for a smoke? I didn't have that problem with the original x-com since the pilot spaces were just external graphics and so was just assumed the pilot was in there (I never presumed one of the combat troops flew the thing). It Might be great to see a couple pilots sitting at their seats pre-occupying themselves with shut down routines or reading a book/drinking a coffee while the combat team do there thing Maybe if your hovering over them you can hear pilot chatter or them listening to combat chatter of the other units? Communicating with home base? Maybe if an alien gets on board the Chinook both pilots can shoot (auto/npc) from the cockpit? Can't help thinking of James Cameron's Aliens scene when the drop ship takes off but has an uninvited visitor Anyway, great Chinook graphics just felt like it needed a little extra life in it. Thoughts? I checked a bit to see if this has come up before but didn't see, please post a link if there has already been talk about this