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Found 2 results

  1. I've not bothered with building base defences. Partly, it's because I need every cent to build other things. Partly, it's because I like getting the loot from all the aliens. But for this post, it's partly because I've never been that convinced they do enough damage to justify their use. Has anyone else been using them in Xenonauts. If so, do you notice a marked improvement in defending your bases.
  2. Hi! I'm aware in the originals vehicles didn't gain experience (for some reason) but I think its a shame that they don't here too. Unless they are robots, but at least the Hunter and Scimitar aren't. Hell, the hunter even has a couple of poor sods inside the damn thing. I see many people comment they don't ever use them because they don't gain experience of any sort so.. that's too bad really. I'd rather that what I view as an oversight in the original not be carried over here for mere traditions sake. It made no sense there and I don't think it does here either. Part of the fun is risking the units you've become attached too, and as it is you just don't care what happens to your vehicles. But actually more importantly.. anyone else find the Hunter missiles to be WAY more powerful and useful that then the pulse laser turret? Those hunter missiles are just a good time, let me tell you. When I got my scimitar the first time I was very disappointed to see there wasn't a missile turret for that since the pulse laser is basically crap. Its just too inaccurate, with the good old missiles you just have to get in the general vicinity -- also its great for blasting aliens hiding in thick cover, the pulse laser will just miss the alien and its cover entirely most of the time, even in burst fire. I suppose its possible that some people might prefer the pulse laser, although I honestly can't see this because its awful, so it would be nice to have missile options on the later vehicles too. Anyway, yes, I'd like to see the vehicles be a bit more fleshed out then they are now in general, to be honest.