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Found 2 results

  1. I can't use armor or carry much when I have one of these. A strong soldier should be able to carry one with armor on and have at least a pistol and a couple grenades. I think it could be lighter and protect from the sides a bit more. Real assault shields wrap around a bit and will protect you for about 120 degrees. I've picked these up at the prison and they're not that heavy. Mostly they just make it impossible to use two handed weapons. Additionally, some of the ones at the prison are electrified thus act like a Taser if someone charges you. That would be very handy against Reapers. Maybe when electro-shock grenades come in the shield could be charged too. BTW, I'm still have CTD's when using shields, so for now I've given them up.
  2. Maybe this is a known bug, but I couldn't find a thread on it.... My soldier who carries the Pistol and Combat Shield starts the mission with the same number of APs shown in the equip soldier screen at base (60-110 depending on how leveled up the soldier is). Each turn of ground combat he has that same number of APs, unless you happen to go into his inventory to access a grenade or something. At this point, the game "remembers" that the Combat Shield (which wasn't shown in the base, of course) has its own weight (20 Kg) now that the soldier has it equipped in the combat mission. This drops the soldier's APs from his max of 60 or 110 to down around 20 to 45 (unless he starts dropping equipment). Coupled with the fact that strength isn't improving from mission to mission, this makes for an inconvenient bug if you like the Combat Shield. Sooo, the bug is EITHER that he starts out with way too many APs because the game isn't calculating the weight of the Combat Shield properly at the start of the mission OR he loses way too many APs just for opening his inventory. I'll let Chris decide which is more appropriate for game balance, I would just like it to be consistent from turn to turn.