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Found 3 results

  1. Reinforcements' mod adds up to 8 more slots to The Chinook. Total of 16 Xenonuats can now ride in The Chinook. Reinforcements.zip Reinforcements.zip
  2. First UFO spotted. 2 Condors sent to intercept. UFO lands. I send the Chinook. Then I completely forget my own advice and don;t send it to a waypoint. UFO takes off just as the Chinook approaches. Quite a few survivors from what I could see before the reload Second time out.. Use the waypoint for the Chinook. UFO takes off and lands again. Chinook intercepts without a problem. Pretty daunting for a new player though, I'd imagine?
  3. Alien attack on Perth, my first one in this playrun. Send dropship and realise 1 guy didnt have armour equipped, went to change armour while in flight and the list came up showing I had no armour in stock. The game froze and error report came up. I have the txt copied on notepad if you want it.