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Found 1 result

  1. An update to V8.5 has been uploaded to Desura and is now authorised. It has one new feature and a bunch of bugfixes that should smooth the experience a little more: NIGHT MISSIONS: These should sometimes be generated when you attack a crashsite at night, although I think it has to be right in the middle of night at the moment for some reason (I'm going to follow it up to work out why it's not happening all the time). Anyway, this basically just gives the maps reduced sight range - soldiers have 60% of the normal sight range as 'lit tiles' around them, and cannot see aliens that are not on lit tiles. To make things a bit easier, on a night mission all soldiers are automatically equipped with two flares each, which are thrown like grenades and will light up an area around them. Have a play, and see what you think. I imagine tweaks will be needed but it seems to be working OK. Also, night missions are HARD because the aliens still have unlimited sight range (unless blocked by walls etc), so they'll happily pick you off despite the darkness. Again, this'll change somewhat when the new AI model is done. BUGFIXES: - Alien fighter squadrons should no longer cause crashes when interceptors they are tracking return to base - The pop-up alert for attacking crashsite should no longer remain in ground combat missions - UFOs should no longer spawn with access doors on the edge of the map (and thus inaccessible) in ground combat missions - Lockups in the alien Hidden Movement phase should be less frequent now - Alien weapons will no longer cause a crash when equipped - Precision laser will no longer cause a crash when equipped - Machineguns now have a clip of 50 and each burst will consume 5 shots. - The basic armour with the machinegun should no longer display Wolf armour - Unarmed soldiers should display the correct sprites now. - Probably some other small fixes I've forgotten about I'm currently trying to set up these render servers that I bought. I might post some pics up on the forum at some point, because it's quite amusing. I assumed that they'd be relatively inoffensive things but they're a square metre or so each and weigh 30kgs, and sound like a tornado when they're switched on. No idea where I'm going to put them!