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Found 1 result

  1. Chris

    V10.1 Released!

    Build V10.1 has been released. This is just bugfixes and balance updates for Build V10 that need testing before the public build becomes available. It has been uploaded to Desura but I imagine it might be a while until it gets authorised, but I've got a busy afternoon today and I'm out tomorrow so I'll post this up now. - Aircraft Scatter Laser has been put in the game. It is unlocked after you complete the Heavy Laser research and is an upgrade on the standard Cannon. - Terror sites should no longer appear as vast open expanses of grassland. They should use the same map as in the Quick Battle. - Corvettes now have floors. These are Farm floors and won't suit the Industrial maps much, but it'll look better than before. - Aliens should no longer spawn in the walls of the UFOs. - Crashed UFOs should spawn as well as undamaged Landed ones (this will only apply to the Light Scout, as that's the only UFO with both tilesets for now). Actually, this is largely moot as I've disabled landing in the public build because it was causing bugs. It's fixed anyway. - Flares should now have 0 weight. - Missions should use the Industrial tileset as well as the Farm one now. - Research times have been reduced a bit. - Scouts now replace Light Scouts a little earlier. - The weighting of Air Superiority missions (fighters) to Research missions (Scouts) has been increased in favour of the Research missions. - New bases now cost $1m to build instead of $1.8m. - Building maintenance costs for Command Centre and Hangar have been reduced. - Soldier, Engineer and Scientist wage costs have been reduced. - Alenium missiles are cheaper and quicker to construct than before, as are Alenium torpedoes. - Alien Alloys are now worth $3,000 each and Alenium is worth $5,000 each. - Corvettes now contain Alien Alloys.