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Found 8 results

  1. Warning: Spoilers may follow. I've just been looking in the files after hearing about these images now going into the game. I have to say I really like them. Some look different than I thought they would, but that's not a bad thing. Caesan: First, I LOVE it. It looks way more menacing than I thought it would. Its uniform is also very fitting for it. It's very tight, shows off some muscle, while also giving the impression of futuristic syfy armor. Other than some minor details, it basicly looks how I pictured it. Harridan: Its bodysuit and armor looks pretty good, but my favorite part is the arms. They look amazing! My only thing might be the size of the helmet, but since I know it's a space engineer and sniper I understand that it would be pretty big due to having to contain all of the electronics. Reaper: I like how it's in the middle of moving and looks as if it's trying to break out of containment. That's a very good look for it. It also looks pretty scary. Sebillian: I think you really managed to capture the look of a frontline, heavy (organic) combat unit with the way it looks like it's wearing metal plate armor and with the thick scales underneath. You can tell it's a lizard, but you can also tell it's from space. The only thing I see that is kindof weird is its head, mainly its size. It just seems a little too big for its body, although that may just be the size of its eyes. With all that being said, I do like it. When I look at the picture too long it starts to creep me out. I wouldn't want to fight them. It also look pretty strong, another reason why I wouldn't want to run into one of them in the middle of combat. Wraith: They look very good. They really give me the impression of a sneaky alien. It looks like it'd be fast and agile and that the inclusion of the ability to teleport just adds an extra level of lethality to an already deadly creature. I like how the armor also looks grafted to its body and the cool design of the main chestplate. The head has to be my favorite part of this alien. It looks as though it's very creaturish, but also semi-sentient. I think the sharp claws were a nice touch. I also think it looks good without the giant thing on the top of its head. To be honest, I somehow managed to miss the top of the head the first time. It took me a second look to notice the bandages on the top of its head. I do think that is a nice touch. I'm also impressed that you could also make me feel (kindof) bad for one of the aliens. I just imagine that some dude in a lab coat just holding a knife and going to town on the sides of its head. All in all, I really like the look of the analysises. I do wish there was one for some of the other aliens like the Andron and the Preator. What do you think? Note: I have not reach this point in this current build so I haven't read any of the discriptions. If anybody wants to share them, feel free. I'd love to read them.
  2. The helmet on this picture looks odd and ugly. Could you change / improve it?
  3. VitaminK

    Lore Issue

    If the game takes place around late 70's - early 80's this (g36) should not be in storage area since it wasn't created until about 1990. It bugs me everytime I see it lol
  4. Are the crashed ufo graphics final? I'm asking because I think the older ones looked much nicer. They had lots of visible air combat damage all around the hull and were digged deep in the ground with long crash landing trails in the ground behind them. I hope the new ones are going to get the same bashed up treatment. I also hope they will have some debris (as additional cover maybe), fire and some smoke around them.
  5. Dr White, Psyker.

    Heavy/power armour design?

    Now, I'm not one to sneak-peak at assets (I like surprises) but I was just wondering what the styling of the heavier armours types be? I kind of liked the original XCOM's approach of 'fecking huge scrap exoskeleton'. It really looked like the research team had just desperately put together a suit using alien tech then stapled a couple tons of armour onto it. The kind of 'is it a walking tank yet?' approach is what I'd expect for a ultra-heavy armour type. On the overhand however, The new Xcom:EU's heavy end-game armour just looks like bulkier 'sci-fi tacticool' version of the default armour. While I guess this is more realistic, Frankly, I thought that game would have gone for something like 40k terminator armour for its bullet-sponge armour tier. And considering how bulky and brute-forcey everything else was, It would have fit with the setting just as well. I've reached Xenonauts second (third if you count not wearing any armour) tier armour and I think, for what its supposed to be, it looks very fitting. The extra-vision helmet was a real plus and it made me feel like the Xenonaut research-team as really thinking about what the troops needed most in the field. At-least they didn't send them all out in freaking cloth jumpsuits to begin. I'm just hoping later on there is more of a split in armour types to match roles and it doesn't end up looking like 'TACICOOL-POWASUIT WIT XTRA AMROUZ'. Also, on a slightly related note: I REALLY hope the scout-cars get some new armour options too. Maybe a boosted armour version? I'm getting a little bored with its standard cardboard armour plating.
  6. I hope when the alien autopsy report pictures are added, they will be proper autopsy pictures of the aliens laying on a cold steel slab with their guts opened, brains exposed etc. The miniscule pictures of the aliens' wireframe models on the autopsies in the new X-COM:EU just reminded me how I disliked the pictures of X-COM:Apocalypse as they were just the aliens sawn in random bits and pieces, floating in the air. In the original UFO:EU I especially liked the sectoid, who looked so happy in interrogation picture and sad on the pathologists slab.
  7. thothkins

    Alex Tomlinson Art - Xenonautesque

    Hey, I was flicking through an old issue of Fortean Times when I came across the following images. They reminded me so much of the Xenonauts art, I thought I'd share. Tomlinson's art can be found on this website and I spotted a few other excellent images from the Fortean Times while having a quick peek. The article around the art is a good piece to regarding 1947/48 Saucer incidents. No, it's not what you think, all of you whose eyes have just rolled upwards
  8. Nice game - i so hope it turns out worthy of the xcom series and doesnt get pulled due to the announcement of the reimagining of the old game. Just a few points though: 1. As i'm sure you may know, i think you're getting your mig25s mixed up with mig29s. The mig 25 is a good choice for an interceptor the way you have described it, but you need to change some of the art from mig 29 to 25! The f16 is also a good choice as a dogfighter! 2. I think you mention f4s somewhere in your iceland incident, then the f8 crusader returning and having its tail cut in half. This may well be down to the fact that it is sure to be difficult to co-ordinate between the 15 odd people working on the project. Just minor continuity points from what i have read so far, so please don't take offence (im a games programmer too so I know how hard it can be ;-)). This will probably be the 1st pre-order I have ever done. Well done also for resisting the temptation to include the blaster bombs and friendly psi - these made the original too easy for the player.