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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to modify the game files to increase the ammunition available for vehicles so that it has more than 12 shots with the Laser Cannon/Plasma Cannon/Mag Cannon. I tried changing "clipSize" in "vehicleweapons_gc", but that does not increase the number of shots my vehicle has, only its ability to carry more ammo. If anyone is familiar with this issue, please help. It would be nice to have a tank with 35-40 shots, which is like a real tank.
  2. Just an odd glitch i found out by accident and repeating it. If i have the 1st vehicle with the MG on the field and currently have it selected, pressing L key will hard crash the game.
  3. Hello, in my mod I´m working on a tank with a mounted flame thrower. So far it works, but I´d like to prevent the current ability to shoot the flames across half of the map even though I limit the "range" attribute to "5" in the child "props" of "weapon" in vehicleweapons_gc.xml. Does anybody have an idea how the shotgun for example has been limited to not be able to fire at too distant targets?
  4. The original XCOM allowed you to load up the dropship with additional items up to a certain amount. @Chris do you have any plans on implementing this? Currently we seem to be overloading our soldiers to get more ammo and rockets into terror missions and then dropping them all in the dropship (which loses a few units their first turn). This is rather frustrating and time consuming but essentially achieving the same thing; having a limited inventory and the inconvenience of having to return to the dropship could be a good balance. Alternative idea could be to allow tanks / scout vehicles to have an inventory - with a risk of being destroyed and losing all your gear.
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