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Found 10 results

  1. Ever had a terror mission that was just going on forever? I am currently in one that I think I have finally finished but the aliens still seem to have a turn. Maybe there is one lonely guy hiding in a corner somewhere. This actually brings me on to suggest that there should be a third type of finish for terror missions: "Local forces secured the city with help from Xenonauts". The set up would be something like there are one or two aliens left on the battlefield when you abort. This way you don't have to dick around forever trying to find that one guy. It also means that if you are low on ammo and don't think your guys can handle it you can be like "There you go guys just a few left to mop up. We are off for tea and biscuits." It would grant less of a boost than clearing the terror site but significantly more than losing it. Opinions?
  2. Terror missions as they are flavored now don't really make sense. There are two absurd possibilities One, the local military can't be bothered to send some of their own tanks and helicopters to deal with 15 attacking aliens, and send only 2-3 wimps with ARs. Two, the terror mission consists of much more than just 15 aliens, and we are only seeing a small part of the map. If that is the case, 8 Xenonauts isn't going to make any difference anyway. Nations also, counterproductively, nuke their own cities. This doesn't prevent loss of life, and doesn't make sense. Suggested change: The Xenonaut's objective in a terror mission is a targeted strike against the enemy commander(s). Once the commander is killed, the rest of the aliens in the city become passive and easy for local forces to mop up. Xenonaut failure to kill the enemy commander means that the aliens are able to overwhelm local forces and raze the city.
  3. At present, there are only two things a terror mission can be for players- an opportunity to lose a number of good troops, or an opportunity to lose funding and standing. They can either send a ground force into the city and take heavy casualties trying to clean out the...twenty or so aliens that are terrorizing the entire city, or stand by and let the military deploy tactical nuclear weapons to wipe out the...twenty or so aliens that are terrorizing the entire city. (On a side note, whose tactical nukes get used when the terror mission is in, say, Mogadishu? I know it's a tiny, trivial detail, but could we amend the failure message to only say that when the country in question HAS a nuclear arsenal, and just mention intense casualties when they're...Somalia?) In my opinion, there should be more than those two choices. We have plenty of fighters that can be used to wrest air superiority or at least air parity over the AO, and we have helicopters that can be used in evacuating civilians from the AO. Why not give players these as alternate choices rather than the current "send soldiers or let everyone die" forced dilemma? Sure, sending fighters to provide support would be less pleasing than sending boots on the ground, and sending dropships to evacuate civilians would be less pleasing than either. But it still would be much, much better than the "all or nothing" bizarreness we're looking at now. Sending fighters would result in an air combat screen just as sending soldiers results in a ground combat screen, while sending a dropship or two would just take them out of ready status for twenty-four hours or so. The idea being there's more than one way to assist the host nation's forces than just being the big damn heroes and mopping up with eight dudes the mess their whole army couldn't fix.
  4. Terror missions now really do mostly consist of aliens charging your position. Gets outright crazy once you make it to Landing Ships. Whether I win or fail the mission, it happens on a very small patch of the map, my soldiers never go past that newspaper stand across the street, if even that far. An alien squad goose steps towards the Chinook: Fully fledged assault teams: This is probably what base defense missions should feel like, though. Aliens advancing on you until either side is completely dead. But in terror missions, this effect of the AI is certainly interesting.
  5. In the game I'm playing its about Mid December when I really start noticing in Terror missions where there is literally a Horde of aliens descending on Helio. It gets to about round 5 and I start having 7-9 aliens. Not to mention that I've taken down about 5 or 6 of these before the mass forms. My best soldiers are overwhelmed between having to reload and with so many aliens shooting. I haven't gotten the Shrike yet which 5 more soldiers would be nice. Still these Mass of Aliens is frustrating to say the least.
  6. So basically after 6 days I get another terror mission, I am not sure if this is working as intended.
  7. That is the question. It is October - second month. I have Terror Mission... Charlie is on it's way, but before reaching it's destination a Medium UFO is spotted on the crime scene.... So I thought maybe I could get daily double and score both UFO and Terror Mission. (BTW I am playing on Veteran). At first I thought what could happen then I saw this green cyber thingy - but full rounds of M60 (or whatever that HMG is) put him down so I wasn't scared anymore - even that big white thing fell to shotguns and M-16. So yeah after a while I managed to kill all the Corvette crew and stopped the terror mission too as it seems. That brings me to question. Should I be able to do that? I mean I got more money and better score after dealing with that UFO rather than going crazy with terror mission. Shouldn't those escort fighters engage my Charlie to protect the corvette? Or maybe those aliens should rip my troops to pieces without a flinch...
  8. Well, I have no idea how to deal with this nightmare. Maybe I missed something? Is there some special trick, or maybe "must-to-be-researched" technology, or else? I failed two games. First there were sebilians with rifles (shooting three times each across all map) and dark beasts with melee attacks. The beast got shot shot from machine gun and was still able to move. It did not even noticed rifle shots; infected two sodiers in one turn. Another time there were some blue aliens and disk robots. Maybe I could even kill some if tried to save/load each turn few times, but I'm not sure.
  9. I seem to constantly run out of time when it comes to getting my transport to the terror site, even when I leave right away. No terror site as yet appeared within my radar range (bad luck I guess). So I end up having to fly halfway around the world to the place, only for it to be nuked an hour before my troops arrive. I'd suggest either extending the time limit for getting there, or do what they did in the original XCOM games and keep the crash/terror site location while a transport is actively flying to it.
  10. I didn't find any information about terror sites. Chris any plans for that? I remember that Terror Sites was one of the hardest and important missions in UFO. Had a decisive impact on the monthly funds. I'd really like to see it.
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