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Found 8 results

  1. I cant seem to find the file that contains the variables for new soldiers. Or the one for the starter group you get. Does anyone know where they are?
  2. Can you mod the game so that you start with a preset squad of soldiers at your base? Like you always have the guy with the beard, the gray hair, etc Can you change the names ahead of time so the game will start with "Joe Schmoe" so I don't have to edit it upon start. ?
  3. Not a feature request, but more a wistful look back at the days when X-Com Rookies were... rookies. Some poor bastard black bagged in the street, given a weapon and sent out to fight the alien menace. I miss it. I mean, I quite like the Xenonauts system, in which all the soldiers are roughly equal at the start, but I connected with my soldiers based on my stats. There'd be cannon fodder, who was just useless, and despite me expecting him/her to only survive one mission (hence the place-holder name) would inexplicably rise to become commander. There was Hawkeye, who would run at a sneeze (well, sort of walk and fall down exhausted cause he had no stamina) and could barely lift that cannon he was carrying but could take down an alien behind cover half the map away with a snap shot. And then there was steroid (I came to X-Com after JA2) - the hero of the team. All this based on my soldiers' initial stats. At the moment, the Xenonauts soldiers, based purely on their stats of course, seem a bit homogenous. So before anyone posts anything about how unrealistic the X-Com thing was, I have no problem with the Xenonauts system. It makes more sense. That said, I always figured that the thing with X-Com wasn't that the soldiers were bad, but that the aliens were so incredibly good that it made your soldiers look bad, literally. IE. the combat was at such a pace that your soldiers were obviously the best of the best for just being able to keep up. Also, Tasmania seems to have been left off the map. I'm not at all angry: I figure that: A: Western Australia gave Chris some mining money to do in the game what they'd love to do in real life. B: Chris hates the Dutch and is trying to remove their influence from the map (Tasmania of course being named after Abel Tasman). It was very English to hate the Dutch at one point (during the 17th century I believe) hence the expressions 'dutch courage', 'double dutch' etc. C: Tasmania eloped with the Philippines and are now happily married somewhere out of sight in the Arctic Circle. Of course, it couldn't have been an oversight/error of some kind Finally, this should probably go in the feature suggestions rather than at the end of a rambling post reminiscing about one of X-Com's less plausible features, but given that it is a small UI request that has probably already been made: Please make the writing bigger! I can barely read it (running a 1366/768 monitor). Oh and please make arrow keys scroll through soldiers in the soldier screen.
  4. I suspect Chris already has plans along these lines, but when the revive mechanic comes into play and a solider is revived, it would be nice to have something that implicitly shows that this mechanic exists. I propose adding "Resuscitated" either in red or orange in place of the wounded text at the end of a round, or just underneath the solider's portrait but before the stats. It might also stop questions/bug reports on it.
  5. I had two suggestions regarding the stat modifiers. I am not sure if something similar is in use because I don't have a full view of how experience is assigned currently; other than AP gain is related to AP used, accuracy to shots fired and bravery to panic tests. Hopefully this brings something new to the table. 1. Soldiers should get an increase to bravery if they are wounded during a mission. This means that soldiers still become braver just by being on the sharp end of the stick (i.e. your shotgun/breaching soldiers). This represents the fact that they are become less afraid of taking enemy fire as they already have the belief that they can survive it. 2. Soldiers that are wounded should lose some of their strength and or/AP values. It goes without saying that coming back from an injury is a long process and they should not be able to immediately. This might mean that in the late game you have a few grizzled veterans who are fantastic shots, super brave (or indifferent) but who run with a cripple or have a damaged leg that prevents them from being a super soldier (I don't mean in animation, just in stats). Meanwhile your list of pristine soldiers who have never been injured becomes shorter and you value them even more (not wanting to risk putting them through the door first for example). If anyone is able to shed a light onto whether these things already happen within the system or are to be implemented then that would be swell.
  6. What happens when a soldier gets wounded? It told me that he was out for 12 days, but I see I'm still able to re-assign him to a chinook.
  7. Now I wouldn't be surprised if this has been covered in a different thread...but I've been unable to find it. I've looked through the manual and done several forum searches but to no avail. I've read through most of these two threads: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?66-Soldiers-gaining-experience-increasing-stats http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php?15-How-experience-is-awarded I've also read a good deal of the training thread. I haven't been able to find a definitive answer on how stats increases are gained in Xenonauts. (Or perhaps I just missed it while reading about how people thought they should be gained) I would very much appreciate it if someone could link me to a thread or just tell me how each stat is increased.
  8. When playing I noticed that the stats for all of the xenonauts were in the 50's. Not sure if this is their starting level or if its just averaged out for the alpha but I noticed this when I was checking into how much they could carry. In one battlescape I had a xenonaut wearing armour and carrying a rocket launcher with some extra rounds. Carrying only this limited him down to a square or two of movement not to mention not having enough APs to actually fire the thing. Dropping the extra ammo didn't help much and other xenonauts had the same problem. I'm guessing the 'naut using the rocket launcher will need higher stats?
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