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Found 5 results

  1. v 0.98 as part of my [B4X2] mod collection works in Community Edition (0.35) and in Vanilla too in mod launcher: DEACTIVATE other mods that alter soldier or armour graphics! ~ 50 MB per file download, was unable to upload to Steam Workshop, because of "file too big Error" although older versions are there and the split into separate smaller files, I gave up on modding Xenonauts after hours of trying to update the file there Important: Download & unpack all 3 files & order in mod launcher needs to be: part 3 above part 2 above part 1 This mod changes: Bigger pool makes soldier spawns much less repetitive, and makes the game a more global effort in defending earth gives soldier portraits a Xenonaut 2 look Goldhawk´s Potrait Editor used as well as adapting open source photos in Photoshop - it took weeks more than double as many new nations to recruit from (was 21 is 57, work on name lists shared with Steelgonad) many more soldier portraits (was 167 is 611) 8 ethnicities (was 4 is 8) adds new cities in Asia tweaked basic (& basic female), jackal, wolf, buzzard armour graphics [B4X2]bigger_pool_I.zip [B4X2]bigger_pool_II.zip [B4X2]bigger_pool_III.zip
  2. 1. <Nation name="Russian" chance="10"> <FirstName>Sasha</FirstName> <FirstName>Misha</FirstName> <FirstName>Kolya</FirstName> In Russian, Sacha is diminutive ('pet') form for name Alexander, Misha - for Michail, and Kolya for Nicolai. Such forms can be used in conversation between friends, or family members, or when spoken about children, but practically never in official papers. I think it's mostly improbable to see such names in soldier duty roster. Ergo - <FirstName>Alexander</FirstName> <FirstName>Michail</FirstName> <FirstName>Nicolai</FirstName> 2. <Nation name="Ukranian" chance="2"> <FirstName>Stilyan</FirstName> <FirstName>Lazslo</FirstName> Stilyan is Bulgarian name, not Ukrainian. Lazslo is not Ukrainian name too. 3. Practically, Russian and Ukrainian firstnames are the same, maybe with minor difference in pronunciation. Xenonauts events taking place in 1979 - so both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are from Soviet Union, and their credentials where in Russian. Maybe it's worthwhile just to join/duplicate both firstname lists? PS. Russian is my native language, and several years of my childhood (in mid-1970s) I spent in Kiev, Ukraine
  3. In any X-com related (similar if not) game I always like to generalize some of the soldiers but despite what ever I make I always have to have a Hudson Just dose not feel like a science fiction horror game without its mascot If your one of the group from the olden days or new to the genera what character do you always find yourself remaking every time you play.
  4. As a nod to The Gollop bros. perhaps it would be nice to name some troops names from their past games (Leeder Krennon/Eric (with the Photon!)/Slarty Bartfast etc... Hell, even Hotblack Dessato in rememberence of the great D. Adams!
  5. I started up 9.1, made a new game, made a soviet union base, and my starting sargeant is named Vasili Zaitsev, I got a kick out of that. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasili_Zaitsev
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