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Found 13 results

  1. I know that in OG UFO reaction fire was everywhere but I think it shouldn't happenen when you shoot in first turn. For example - new mission, all team in "dropship". Alien spotted stright away without moving out from craft - I made a shoot and alien responded with auto shot. 2 mens died
  2. As cool as aliens shooting back may sound, it gets annoying pretty fast, imo. So, it's MY turn. Not the aliens turn, MY turn. I get to shoot. So why should i be getting shot at BEFORE i get to shoot in MY turn just because i go one step forward? Even worse, why should ALL 10 aliens in a room be shooting at my poor soldier that just took one step forward, in MY turn? Or why should i be getting shot at MULTIPLE times in MY turn after getting ONE shot off? After all, it's my turn isn't it? I think this could be improved even further with one simple tweak: IF the alien(s) are visible from last turn, they get a much lower chance to reaction fire. Same for my soldiers, if they're visible to the aliens from last turn, also get a much lower chance of reaction fire.
  3. Its more of a though than a suggestion It would have a nice effect to the gameplay if a suppressed unit gets easier to hit by reaction shots. I think this could shackle the target more on its position. This would encourage more flanking. greater risk of being shot when running away, while seeing someone coming near with a grenade is a nice thrill 8). The main problems would be that flash grenades would be too effective and too many targets are effected. (ok if it would hit the xcom but the aliens need more love) And i dont know if the ai is really able to use it effectively (atleast they often save a nice ammount of spare tp)
  4. I apologize if this already exists but i couldnt find it. basically >>this<<. Reasoning: It makes keeping TUs for reaction fire against multiple enemies nearly useless as one moving alien might trigger all of em and the rest will just walk in like nothing ever happend. Also (0000886) Chris (administrator) - 2013-11-04 08:37 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is intentional, as reaction fire is meant to occur simultaneously but we can't focus the camera on all the units simultaneously. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- (0000887) Chris (administrator) - 2013-11-04 08:43 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- No.. its a turned based game.. nothing happens simultaniously and if people say "but its more realistic this way" no it really isn't. Its at least debateable since the best of the best soldiers in the world should be able to communicate who covers which side.
  5. This could be intentional and a side effect of the sequential animation, but I noticed I had one alien surrounded by 4 soldiers, and the first soldier reaction shot killed the alien. But then the other 3 soldiers also took reaction shots at the now-dead alien. I suppose the soldiers really took reaction shots near-simultaneously and wouldn't have known that another soldier's shot killed the alien until after they shot, but the way it's animated it looks kind of odd.
  6. I heroically ran in and saved a farmer from an alien by stunning the alien with a stun baton. But for the next 5 turns the farmer kept shooting at the stunned alien (hit my soldier once too). Eventually the farmer killed the alien. Now if that were a real farmer I might understand his reaction to having an alien, conscious or not, on his property, and his desire for revenge, but I'm not sure if it's an intended or desirable part of the game mechanics. Should (armed) civilians target stunned aliens?
  7. So...can you get more than one reaction fire shot per event? Because if so, that should be changed to one.
  8. Can anyone explain to me how precisely reaction fire works? I get that you need to have TUs left; I'm mostly interested in how it interacts with actions that the active player is taking and how the relative reactions scores of the combatants factor in? I'm mostly asking because the only times I remember seeing reaction fire is when I was moving, not when I was shooting and this seems odd. Maybe I've just been very lucky?
  9. I just had a passing thought... There is a desire to make the different aliens "feel" and act different, perhaps each type having a slightly different tactical feel right? What if this went beyond stats and AI profiles? What if enemies had other reaction abilities instead of just being able to fire their weapons? The Lizardmen (One day I promise I will learn the names of Aliens) are supposed to be tough, strong and brutish aliens with razor sharp claws. But you have no reservations about walking up to them and shooting them in the face if they are suppressed as they cant reaction fire. What if they could have another reaction ability such as a short distance charge and maul attack that ignores suppression penalties? Walking up to a bear and popping it in the face feels odd...but if getting too close could trigger a burst of speed followed by a rending maul... That would really drive home the concept of you REALLY dont want to get close to these guys, and REALLY make you nervous about using a stun rod on them. (When the time comes anyway that alien live capturing is reworked and fine tuned) Am I crazy or does this sound like a potentially interesting concept?
  10. There was a Sebillion inside a building on one of the Middle East maps. I knew he was in there and had a heavy waiting to suppress (or kill) him. Also a rifleman was waiting to run to the window, shoot, and run away again. However for the heavy to get line of sight I had to open a door. Another rifleman was well placed to do so. So I run up to the door and there's the yellow icon to open the door, but I can't work out how to use it. The only way I could open it was to move one space in and then move back out again. This extra movement used up TUs that could have been used for getting the hell out of there before my heavy fires his incredibly inaccurate burst (a danger to friend and foe alike). It also might have contributed to triggering the reaction fire which took him down to 3HP (and due to bleeding was 1HP by the time I got someone in to heal him). My questions are: How can you open the door without moving in and out of the room? Why could he reaction fire? I thought you had to use a certain amount of TU while in their sight, but all I did while he could see me was move a couple of squares. Could I have avoided reaction fire here? Or could I have been safer if the rifleman shot from the window first as his cover would be better? Can the aliens (or the Xenonauts) take multiple reaction shots in a turn?
  11. You select a soldier, aim at a target and press fire button, soldier fires alien reaction fires . What if reaction fire occurs BEFORE your soldier fires after receiving your order? Think of an alien with a pistol ready to reaction fire on a soldier in front at close range. Soldier takes all his time to make an aimed shot with his sniper rifle at max zoom. The soldier deserves a reaction fire snapshot to the face because the alien wont wait for ages to get shot. If TU usage on firing triggers reaction fire (I dont know if it Works this way, just proposing) then the more TU used the more chances to trigger the reaction. This would give low TU weapons like pistols a clear role and usefulness, and balance the usage of more clumsy/powerful weapons. It will give more of a reason to use snapshot instead of aimed, cause the later can get you a shot to the face more easily as IRL. Being outnumbered would be more dangerous and would pin you down a lot more,not willing to expose you too much. I think it would be pretty fun, tactical and intuitive although maybe a bit more "hardcore" for some (not calling anyone dumb, just not everybody loves harder complexity). What you think?
  12. During one of my missions, one of my guys got reaction fired at (by one of the current invisible sprite aliens) and the game froze. by froze I mean, the game hasn't crashed, it just says reaction fire at the bottom of the screen and nothing is happening. Thanks
  13. I'm just wondering if in the final version of the game reaction fire will be changed. because at the moment an alien might be facing away from me quite far away, so i turn to my side and from that it trigger reaction fire and he turns around and fires. I admit running or firing behind them sure, but turning?
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