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Found 4 results

  1. Hi anyone, i have a small suggestion which maybe solve other problems too. Yesterday i played my first little tryout session and became really frustrated because of the difficulty to use a medikit on one of my soldiers which stood right above a line of trees. After putting the medikit in one of the "healers" hands, rightklicking it to use it on the wounded soldier, the targetpointer was preferring the line of trees everytime i target him. Only a really small area depends on the wounded one. Would be nice to force the pointer on soldiers/aliens for such actions, like holding down strg while targeting figures in the game. On the other side the pointer could prefer environment (grenades exp) if you don't hold strg.
  2. I think you should be able to wake up snoozing soldiers [knocked out] with a med kit, like you could in x-com Cheers P.S. sorry if this is already in the game.
  3. Brand new player - part of the Steam flood of new players (well, I hope it is a flood ) I see medkits and I see wounded soldiers, how do I use the first on the latter? Great game, definitely enjoying.
  4. Hi, Could medikits inform us about how many HP a soldier needs to be healed ? Now, I have to do some boring maths (Max HP - Current HP) / 2) mod (5) * 5... Maybe the value of missing-but-healable HP could be displayed in the inventory screen ?
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