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Found 6 results

  1. I must say from what I've seen in the demo you guys really have made great strides in resurrecting a good old game. However with the upcoming X-com game I really would like to know what you have planned marketing side? And how you plan to differentiate your product from theirs? (apart from the 2D - 3D).
  2. On the main Xenonauts website, you quote Rock Paper Shotgun as saying "I've been waiting a long time for an X-Com remake that actually feels anything like X-Com. It was not in my nature to believe that dreams can come true." Trouble is, RPS never said that. The writer said "It IS not in my nature to believe dreams can come true." Your quote makes it seem like the writer felt Xenonauts was the answer to his dreams. That's not what he said.
  3. Check this out http://www.dsogaming.com/news/x-com-enemy-unknown-move-aside-xenonauts-is-a-true-xcom-remake-that-is-slated-for-release-this-year/
  4. It's hard to recommend this website to Google when there is no Google Plus button to be seen anywhere. Not that I use that feature myself but I'm sure many other people do and would recommend Goldhawk if the option were available. Support Xenonauts. If it sells well enough maybe Goldhawk will make yet another X-Com re-imagining aka Xenonauts 2 (despite the objections of Chris to doing a sequel).
  5. This might be directly related to the ingame mechanics and developement but I just wanted to share this idea with you guys. How about getting some famous "Let's player" to play and show your game? Once it is in polished enough for a good playthrough that is. I really think that LPs are a new and effective medium to advertise a game. Personally a lot of unknown, yet awesome games has come to my attention by different Let's play channels on youtube. For instance the Indie game "Terraria" benefited a lot by letting some LPers access to a preview version before the actual release. For instance channels like: The Yogscast, TotalBiscuit, AngryJoe, PaperBatVG, GetDaved, Quill18 and many more. Thoes guys do a real good job on presenting and showing off the game. The preview of TotalBiscuit is already pretty great! Just an idea I wanted to share, any thoughts on this? Maybe I forgot an important aspect. Keep up the good work!
  6. I asked PC gamer to cover Xenonauts in their podcast. they obliged. http://mos.futurenet.com/video/pcgamer/podcast/PCGamerPodcastNo62.mp3 Should be about 1:22:35. Not a big mention, and they seem vague on the details, but you take what you can get eh?
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