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Found 2 results

  1. Now I have searched and read some former posts over night missions and the suggestions to change; night vision tools, more visible range, larger light circle of chemlights and so on. I will not discuss those. My though is that the night missions are too dark. Ok, maybe the aliens cut the power so that all lights go out in the city/village/industrial/whatever area, but why are the civillians and local forces moving around like they see everything? Additionally I think it would be better if some lights were still working, like street lamps, changing traffic lights, building lights (doesn't need to have them all powered). Imagine a street lamp at the edge of sight range, suddenly an alien rushes in and out back into darkness. Thrilling effect to the soldiers! And further, the aliens could intend to kill the lights when in battle, to make it harder for the soldiers and force them to throw chemlights repeatedly. Sorry if this was discussed already. I haven't found it then.
  2. I ask because during some musing about muzzle flashes (ie, as I understand, not possible unless you want to redo a large number of sprites), I ended up thinking about lighting in general and realised that the night maps are currently very dark (well, farm and industrial, haven't tried town at night) and have no pre-defined sources of light. There's no light sources outside of the ones caused by the xenonaut equipment (or the UFO), however, there's obviously some sort of spawn code for light that's used to generate a light source (or fake it) at the location a thrown flare lands. Is it at all possible to leaverage this code to designate light sources in the map editor to display when a map loads? Even if it's just a quick and dirty list of coordinates it would allow the illusion of working lamposts on the industrial and town maps, which would be a lovely graphical addition to the game. As a further question, are the light sources just circular in nature or can they function like the trooper's vision cones? If they are directional you might able to use them to give the impression of headlights on the static car models on the town maps. If you can specify colour, hey presto, rear lights as well. It's only graphical tweaking mind you, but it's one of those little touches that add a bit of ambience to maps.
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