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Found 8 results

  1. Have you ever felt, that your laser guns do just "pew" instead of "BLAST"? All laser weapons in game shoot bullet-like projectiles, so using them wasn't much fun. Some people already tried to change that by making projectile faster and/or longer. But why go only half way? So, after some tinkering, i finally made laser beam to look almost like a proper one. Change is only visual, but adds to immersion a bit. Videos: laser rifle, 3px beam, scatterlaser, 5px beam Here is mod archive: - for game v1.06 - for game v1.05 - for game v1.04 - for game v1.03 - for game v1.0-1.02 To install, just unpack archive in game folder and replace files where needed. Backup of existing 'weapons_gc.xml' file also would be good to do before that, if you want to remove this mod later. To manually set any weapon to use the new beams, open 'weapons_gc.xml' in notepad and in corresponding weapon description change string beginning with '<Projectile' to '<Projectile spectre="projectiles/laserbeam/laserbeam5_10" speed="10000" showAfterDistance="0"/>' There are some options to tweak the beams appearance: - beam thickness, 3, 5 and 7 px, default is 5 (first number in spectre name) - beam draw speed, 10, 9 ,8, 7 and 5, default is 10 (second number in spectre name) - beam projectile speed, default is 10000 Have fun! =)
  2. Why are lasers less powerful than plasma based weapons? I ask this because the type of laser depicted in-game by what I've seen isn't a "punch through shit" type but a "ionized plasma obtained through ablation" type . Bursts are too short and shifted in the wrong spectrum for punching through things (if you can see the beam it isn't a cutting type) thus why the discrepancy in potentials? If anything plasma should be more of a close quarters weapon whereas laser tech should be longer ranged (explanation for this is that plasma bolts require magnetic containment which in a Earth-like environment doesn't last long at all unless you're firing a fusion projectile whereas a laser could maintain coherency for longer distances and even considering alien tech and power sources you're still looking at plasma weapons as medium to close range bruisers while lasers would be more adept at distance where plasma wouldn't even reach). I know, I know realism isn't the main thing in a game but still... so often you see plasma weapons being better than lasers when in weapon terms they're equal given the same power source only that one requires close proximity to a target (relatively speaking) while the other requires advanced lenses (the more energy transported by the beam the more taxing it is on the lenses used to focus said beam, a work around could be EM lenses but that's tech well into the realm of SF by what I know though still possible).
  3. So as the thread name says...After you upgrade to plasma...Local forces get laser weapons. What's weird is that they don't become mass produced.You still have to craft them even though military uses them... This is just a quick suggestion...Sorry if I'm late and someone else posted this...
  4. I thought about this a while ago and finally just got around to posting it. I was thinking about how lasers and light work with reflection and wondered if it was possible that when firing a laser into glass that it might just be reflected off of the glass? This feature proably wouldn't affect the larger lasers due to their power, but proably the pistol. What do you think? It's okay to disagree, I just want to hear other opinions.
  5. The laser rifles are so great in this game! They aren't just plain stat upgrades, they are different in their own way, and IT'S JUST SO GOOD!
  6. I felt that there was something wrong with lasers. They just feel a little wimpy and I couldn't put my foot on it - but I felt like it was a step down from ballistics. Then I realised that it is the lumbering projectile speed that seems to drag across the screen slower than the speed of sound let alone the speed of light. So putting the projectile speed in weapons_gc to 1400 solves that problem (and you can still see the path of the projectile no problem as its red). Enjoy much improved laser weapon satisfaction This is my case for this being default laser projectile speed in vanilla.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks that the manufacturing of laser weaponry is taking a little too long? Based on last night's experience, they are taking about 240 man-hours to make a laser rifle. In just a few days, I can make a Mig Interceptor, or a couple of laser rifles. Just seems too long to me. The reason I'm whining about this is because I finally am able to build these things, but the moment the research is unlocked, I'm fighting armored Caesans and Sebillians. These are almost impossible to kill with small arms (I've killed zero with assault rifles), and I'm only having mediocre results with LMG and sniper rifles. I really need laser weapons.
  8. I've noticed on this board that there are quite a number of people who like guns. They respect them, are most likely to have handled some, may have handled many. There's a more than a few forumites with quite an in-depth knowledge of guns, the effects of various calibers and know the ins-and-outs of each "class" of gun. Sadly, in Xenonauts like in most other X-Com-a-likes (with one specific series exception) the humble gun is often discarded as quickly as the research tree will let you! The higher tier weapons do it faster, harder, longer and stronger. Those brave souls who stick to their AKs because they know what holding an AK is like in real life get the shock of what's left of their life when BadAssAlienDude #1 kicks down the door, laughs as a squaddie empties half a mag into it, and turns the squaddies' skin into an attractive pair of custom leather boots. Despite the knowledge that ultimately the bad guys are only going to get beat with spayse layzors, the suggestions still fly in (as they have flown in previously) on how to improve the humble gun. Through attachments. Through ammo types. Through a larger selection of guns. This is because we can empathise with and envisage the ballistic gun far better than we can a laser gun or a plasma caster. Thanks to our good friend physics, the gun has been the best way to conduct warfare for a good long while now. Military applications of the laser are still restricted to the testing ground. or as a support tool only. The particle-beam gun, a weapon that has seen jury service in UFO:Extraterrestrials is still nothing more than an exploratory proposal. How does one engender the same kind of empathy in a weapon that hasn't escaped the test chamber or the television screen? I haven't seen on the forum anyone asking that laser pumps be upgradeable from chemical to X-Ray, or request a plasma toroidal modification to adjust the type of plasma produced. Will lasers and higher tech weapons always be and feel more sterile than the ballistic gun?
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