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Found 6 results

  1. In Drages X-Division Mod i had a feeling that Researches.AlienBaseFacilities is not working correctly. So i started a new game and added 1 Items.AlienBaseCore to the jackal production and UnlockKnowledge( "Researches.SebillianengineerInterrogation" ); to the researchview.lua script, both which are requirements for the Researches.AlienBaseFacilities. But nothing happened. Nothing popped up or anything. I still got the alienbasecore and the sebillianengineerinterrogation but no research popped up, whatsoever. So i tried to delete, or rather, leave the requirements for the shrike ship open in the Researches.Xml file. But nothing happened either. And after days of trying to change the Researches.Xml file there was still no effect in the game. I tried to alter other files of the mod and they take regular effect, like increasing the aircraft autocannon ammo capacity. So changes to the mod function, but the Researches.Xml played dead. So, whats the cause for this ? Does the research tech tree gets copied and never changed once you started the game ? But a new game doesnt change this either, no available shrike research in a new game even with no requirements in the Researches.Xml file. Is there another script which checks if new researches are available? But why isnt it executed at the beginning of the game? Maybe a blank file gets overwritten by lower priority mods. But how can you make a shrike research with no requirements? heres what it looks like btw: <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="25.5" ss:StyleID="s35"> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"><Data ss:Type="String">Researches.ShrikeDropship</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s24"><Data ss:Type="Number">120</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s24"><Data ss:Type="String">Aircraft</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s23"> ---No Requirements--- <Cell ss:StyleID="s36"/> <Cell ss:StyleID="s37"><Data ss:Type="String">UnlockKnowledge( "airplane.human.shrike" );UnlockManufacture( "ManTech.Shrike" );</Data></Cell> <Cell ss:StyleID="s25"><Data ss:Type="String">airplane.human.shrike</Data></Cell> </Row> So to sum my questions up: How do you handle the Researches.Xml file in general since changes dont seem to get recognized? How can you quickly check if the Researches.AlienBaseFacilities is working in the X-Division Mod, since my method of meeting the requirements didnt work. How do you get researches ingame available in general? I mean as soon as you meet the requirements in the researches.XML file for a research it should be available, right? No, seriously, I am at my wits end. I really would appreciate some serious help here. UPDATE: So i tried to change the outcome of the very first tech, the alien invasion tech, and what it shows in the X-Division folder and what it unlocks but the game diditn recognize that and still showed the original xenopedia site. Somehow my changes to researches.xml dont seem to get recognized. But it still doesnt explain why the research doesnt get available when i cheat the requirements into the game. Whats going wrong there? Questions over Questions.
  2. Hi guys and gals i have some difficulty implementing back saracen interceptor in to the game with some of my changes, i've edited aircraft, manufactures, research and xenopedia files, but still for some reason when i load game it crashes same when i start new game once i click to set up base. If there is someone experienced in modding xenonauts i attach link to the archive with all loose files from the assets folder that i have. I would apriciate help and some sort of explanation and information how did you fixed it. Build on the 1.56 version of game. Thanks in advance ppl. Here is the link I uploaded it to the google drive ps. I have also edited weapons file not much just the clip sizes and changed gameconfig file to be able to add items and fast production/research for the test purpose, any way you will see changes when you start looking through the files.
  3. Hello, all! I am a programmer who has been devoting a lot of time lately to developing the combat engine for a game which I intend to post on kickstarter within the next 2-3 months. At this point, the engine is almost done (although this engine is only a small part of the game, similar to difference between X-com tactical and geoscape). I am now at the point where I need to add some basic content and BALANCE. I am looking for an animator/illustrator who can produce semi-realistic looking depictions of Roman Empire era soldiers. I am working on this project with my brother, who will be handling a lot of the writing and is helping with engine design. Experience drawing blood and gore is a plus. The ability to adapt your style to that of Roman artwork is also a huge plus. Everything (or almost everything) will be 2d, so no modelling experience necessary. Payment would be in the form of a percentage of a successful kickstarter, at which point a rate could be worked out going forward, or if desired you could just have a percentage of future sales once the kickstarter is done with. The plan is to post the kickstarter along with a working example of a section of the game. Please send me a pm if you would like to chat. I will respond with my skype and then you can link me to a portfolio of your work.
  4. Hi there, guys. I`m in an active development of a table top space 4x game called Lords of The Stars. The game is heavy on exploration and expansion as well as space battles and technological development. Here is a recently started IndieGoGo campaign for this project: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lords-of-the-stars-board-game/x/2371297 The game is influenced by my space 4X gaming experience (both board and PC), but the most impact this game got from Master of Orion series. An experienced player may notice this influence in the majority of my game`s elements. Thanks in advance!
  5. I was trying to update xenonauts and it didnt work so i tried uninstalling then reinstalling it. But, not its saying something about the MFC and i have no idea what that is. What is wrong, is it desura or the game itself?
  6. Long story short: I need someone to buy Xenonauts for me as a gift. I will transfer the funds in advance (live action) to you, you buy and gift it to me. Reason: I got only US Funds but Desura is € for me, i dont want to pay paypal fees for conversion. Please post here or add "RagnarokX" in Desura. Thanks so much.
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