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Found 78 results

  1. Whenever i try to load ground combat save, it actually restarts battle ( as if the save was made before the engage dialogue box was open) Question: Bug or feature?
  2. Does anyone have an tips for assaulting scout crafts? right now I have a heck of a time getting into the engineering section as their are usually 2 -3 aliens inside that just tear me to shreds with reaction fire, and it's difficult to lob grenades into it in such a way to actually get them in the blast zone, as they are always lined up against the wall just waiting patiently. I've killed my best friend in 5 different new games because of this
  3. The dead xenonaut sprite was replaced by the standing sprite when he was hit by a missed shot from the sebillian. He also cried out in pain as he was hit. As you can see in the picture, I can path through him, so he is not really there.
  4. Make a red border around the aliens! If the mission at night, the aliens are not visible in the dark - not very convenient
  5. The western end of the crashed scout on the farm map blocks LOS in a weird way. See for yourself: This soldier approached from the south east.
  6. You can walk through the tin shed walls on the farm. Pretty much all of the walls.
  7. After a xenonaut was killed during the alien turn he was selected as the first unit in my turn. This did not cause any issue, apart from having to select another dude before I carried on.
  8. Once my machine gun toting xenonaut got to the intersection of two low field walls he got stuck. he would not turn or move. Once I told him to kneel, he got free again and carried on like normal. Normal being floating through the wall. I guess there is no animation for a machine gunner vaulting a wall? Strange that it does not just use the assault rifle animation like the pistols do.
  9. I noticed this when I was chucking some flares around. If your cursor is on open ground you do not get your chance to hit or the target sight shown. It turns up when it is outside your LOS area, over a movement selected path, on enemies and walls and other targetable things. This applies to all weapons, I think. I just noticed it when I actually wanted to hit some open ground with a flare.
  10. I have found a few things with these barns You can walk through this wall: Once through that wall, there is something blocking both LOS and movement to the NW of that tile: The barn door on the SW wall does not appear to open, but you can walk through it. you do hear the noise of it opening: Oops, forgot to save that one.
  11. You now get four flares popped in your backpack at the start of a ground combat mission. This weighs way too much. I always have my guys geared up to their limit, so all those flares slow them down quite a bit. They should probably weigh less than a kilogram too. The darkness does not really seem to encroach far enough into your normal vision radius to bother using flares, so they seem pretty useless anyway. Last thing about flares: You keep getting more and more of them in your store room, for no reason, as you cannot equip them, and cannot sell them (for profit - I have not checked if you can sell things that have a zero dollar value).
  12. I would like to see an advantage to sending your sniper up onto the roof of a building. Perhaps doubling LOS range per level? That might sound like a lot, but you really can see way further from up on top of a building. Perhaps half again per level, if you thought doubling was too much. Of course, this would not affect the darkness at night (which I think does not really have that much effect at the moment)
  13. When an alien is killed, the sign at the right showing that the soldiers are seeing a living alien disappears, but the crosshair on the alien doesn't change, until the mouse moves. By crosshair change i mean its statistics, unless its on purpose and you can shoot dead aliens and it counts as alive ones in terms of improving accuracy.
  14. Well, this has not happened for a while, but I have had it twice now. Light Scout, on a farm map, insane difficulty, about turn 3 or 4, the Hidden movement screen never went away. My crew were stable, had fought four or five missions already.
  15. A Caesan popped up right in front of a guy with an assault rifle. The rifle would not fire at him, either by selecting the weapon, or by mousing over and clicking with the target icon. Once another guy took a pot shot and triggered reaction fire (so the Ceasan turned away from my point blank guy) I was then able to shoot him with mr point blank. I have a screen shot, but got a 404.
  16. Most of the time when I try to click the single fire mode button for the assault rifle, i just click the whole assault rifle button, so end up with a targetting reticule for a pointer. It seems to be random which of the boxes light up when you mouse over the single fire box.
  17. Unable to reserve aps to fire the machine gun either with a dude or a hunter.
  18. Not sure if it is a bug or intentional, or related to the interiors thing, but I have not recieved any salvage from a light scout, not even a few alien alloys. The aliens themselves leave a plasma pistol or two and some clips. It makes it quite slow to start out the game, as you cannot sell salvage at first to start building more bases, base facilities etc. I actually started intentionally shooting them down over water after the first one or two, to try to get scouts in the game quickly. Then I could start getting salvage and extending my base network. Never got to scouts before the late june CTD though. I do know about pushing m, but I don't use it.
  19. After you kill the last alien on a map, the mission automatically ends (at least it did for me in 8.9). It'd be nice if you had the option to keep exploring the map and then end the mission from the menu. In my last mission, I didn't get to see what the alien ship looks like from inside because all the aliens were outside.
  20. Played new build and found some things that makes tactical combat uncomfortable. 1. Hard to tell whether I am selecting soldier or ordering soldier to move to the spot near the soldier I want to select. Especially in dropship. 2. Spent 30 seconds looking for alien hunter spotted in dark place. Maybe visible alien should be hinted with something? 3. Found no way to check how much AP weapon consumes. Other than targeting something. Maybe AP cost should be written at AP reserve buttons? 4. Found no way to shoot selected spot from sniper rifle or assult rifle. It always have to be wall, alien or some other target. Maybe this has point... Actually, I tried to target empty spot to see AP cost. 5. Clicking "end turn" with cursor in shoot mode makes it should at the beginning of the next turn. Made me almost destroy Hunter with a shot from sniper rifle.
  21. This is the update for the new GUI design, taking some of the feedback into account from the previous thread here. Unless there's anything dreadfully wrong with it, we'll probably implement it relatively soon and then start working on the aesthetics of it once the functionality is confirmed to work well. The major changes are as follows: - Grenade quickthrow slot: this allows you to throw a grenade from your inventory without opening the inventory screen. This throw costs the normal throw APs, plus an additional 12APs if the soldier does not have an empty hand. - Reload quickslot: this allows you to reload the currently equipped weapon with a single click. The number in the right-hand corner shows the number of clips available. - Squad Stat Bars - the HP, AP and morale is shown for the entire squad along the top of the GUI. If a unit is killed, their bars sink down into the GUI. On mouseover a mini-portrait pops up above the bars to let you more quickly identify the right soldier in the squad. - Camera Control - the element on the right near the End Turn button is the camera level control. The white bars show the current display level selected, in this screenshot at 2. - General Reshuffle - a bunch of the elements have been moved around. Most notably, the inventory, crouch (missing from the previous GUI) and stats have all been consolidated into a bar on the Soldier Information panel. There are three screenshots here: These show the UI with the three variations on the combat window (the grenade one is just a rough approximation at the moment). Essentially the first two are displayed depending on whether a one or two handed weapon is equipped, whereas the final one is displayed once you right-click on the grenade fast-throw box. It displays all the grenades in the soldier's inventory and details on the throw cost. Personally I think this UI should work well - it's got a lot of information on it but it's not actually that cluttered and doesn't take up too much space. Comments welcome.
  22. We have a new coder joining the team shortly, and his role will be to implement some of the new weapons still to go in the game, and to put the new ground combat GUI in place for us. There's no guarantee that things will work out - even with the best of intentions, somewhere between half and two-thirds of the people that join the team don't stick around long enough to make a meaningful contribution. However, it means we need to have another look at the new combat GUI concept. The purpose of this thread is to help us finalise the layout and functionality of the ground combat GUI. It is not meant to provide a final visual appearence as we'll do another iteration with the finished art afterwards (though you can comment on that if you want). This GUI doesn't look very pretty at the moment and it's not meant to. If you've played the game and you have some comments about how we can make it easier to control the troops, please post them up here. A couple of suggestions like weapon reload buttons and access to grenades on the belt / backpack have been incorporated into the design, and if there are things I'm missing I'm happy to add them in too. Stylistically the final design is likely to a row of computer monitors along the bottom of a large wall-mounted screen in the Xenonaut base, from which the player is ordering his tactical team around. This should tie it into the new GUI style we're working on (as seen on the Main Menu). OK, so onto the concepts: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/CombatGUIV3_1.jpg http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/CombatGUIV3_2.jpg The PSD file is available here for people who want to tweak the design themselves: http://www.xenonauts.com/devimages/CombatGUIV3.psd These are at minimum size. They would scale with the vertical width of the screen until they are about 25% larger, then the size would be capped and they'd just fill less of the screen width as the monitors grew larger. The planned functionality is as follows (from right to left): AP RESERVE: The AP Reserve slider selects the Reserve setting for the soldier selected. The selected setting will have the slider there and will be highlighted in orange. Settings where the soldier does not have enough AP to select will be shown in a darker grey. The number on the left represents the APs required to take a shot of that kind. WEAPON: As visible in the two screenshots, this box splits in two if a 1-handed weapon is equipped and is a single block if a 2-handed weapon is. The buttons in the bottom left represent single shot and burst fire mode, and the bottom right button allows the weapon to be reloaded without opening up the inventory. The top right number is the ammo level of the weapon. GRENADES: The two slots next to the weapon are for grenades. This displays up to two grenade types in the soldier's inventory (if more than two, the two which require the least AP to throw are displayed). Clicking on them brings up the fire cursor as if they were the selected weapon. The AP cost to fire includes the cost to unequip the current weapon and equip the grenade, then throw it. Not sure whether the soldier should automatically re-equip their weapon or just drop it on the floor afterwards? SOLDIER INFO: This is unchanged from before - the three bars show HP, AP and Morale. Colours yet to be determined. BACKPACK: This button will open the soldier inventory when clicked. SOLDIER SCROLL: These two buttons allow you to scroll to the next / previous soldier in the squad. END TURN: This is the red button. It ends the turn. MAP: This is the green button. It will open the battlefield map when one is implemented. Possibly just having a minimap would be more sensible? It'd take up more space though. CAMERA LEVELS: The up and down buttons here let you cycle through the battlefield view levels (ie. the levels of a building). SOLDIER SELECT: The row of soldier portraits along the top of the UI is there to make it easier to see the situation at a glance. All living soldiers will have their portrait in colour and dead / stunned ones will have it in grey. You can also see their available HP, TU and Morale at a glance. Clicking on a portrait would select the soldier, double clicking it would centre the screen on them. That's about it. Any questions or suggestions?
  23. thegoodgerman


    is there a way to pause and save during a ground battle because if I have to leave and turn off the computer I dont want to have to press ctrl alt delete which dosent even work sometimes.
  24. Just recently found out about this game, and went ahead with purchasing it. Been enjoying it immensely (when it hasn't been crashing on me, though I hear that will be fixed next patch). However, I'm running into one really major issue that I haven't quite figured out how to handle... Breaching into buildings, leap-frogging across open terrain, night missions where the Chinook lands right next to the UFO and I'm surrounded, no problem. I can deal with all of this without having any real casualties, maybe a wound or two, but that's it. I also don't have too many problems with breaching the 'cockpit' area (the round part between the wings, is I assume the cockpit). However, when it comes to the cargo bay (the back part)... how the heck do you guys deal with the one lone alien that holes up in there? Sometimes I get lucky that they're in a blind-spot that I can grenade spam, sometimes they're in the open and I can take them out. Most of the time... they're looking right at the door, in a spot I can't hit with grenades (unless there is a way to bounce them? ), if I move a Xenonaut through the door, I get reaction fired upon, if I'm lucky I got enough AP for a shot or two (I've tried with shotgun, assault rifle, and pistol) but I don't seem lucky enough that the AP will be enough to kill it before I run out of AP, and next turn my Xenonaut is dead. If I'm particular unlucky, the reaction fire one-shots my Xenonaut in the combat armor. One particular nasty example that I had. The alien was in that spot where I couldn't grenade it, if I try the grenades impacts on the corner of the door and blows up in the Xenonaut's face. So, I had to retreat the first one. Second one walks in pistol primed (I end turn at the door where the alien can't shoot me, then take one step to give me full APs), I got hit with reaction fire, then unloaded all pistol rounds into the Alien. It survived. Retrospect, I shouldn't have fired the third or fourth time, and retreated instead. Next round, my Xenonaut is dead due to no APs to retreat. So, I figure the alien must be near death after being hit that many times with a pistol. I march up a shotgunner, he gets reaction fired and dies instantly. I facepalm, sigh, and march up an assault rifle Xenonaut at this point (again, noting that I end turn at the door so I only pay 4 APs for a single square more before attacking with each of these Xenonauts), I get reaction fired, Xenonaut survives, but his APs for the turn goes down from the wound, and I barely have enough to full-auto, so I utilize it. Which was a three round burst I believe (First time I had used full auto with the assault rifle), of which, two shots hit and alien is still alive. Naturally, that Xenonaut is killed on the next enemy turn, so I'm down three xenonauts trying to kill one alien now. I think at this point I went "screw this", and set the rocket launcher guy to go in next, somehow the alien doesn't reaction-fire this time, I fire off the rocket-launcher finally killing the alien, and taking a little splash damage, and the combat ends as that was the last alien on the map. So, what else is there that I can try doing, except throwing the privates I now have at the sole alien in the cargo bay so that I'm not losing my veterans instead? As I understand, while the interceptors can down a UFO, and the buildings are destructible, we can't actually blow open the cargo bay with explosives, can we? After all the grenades I chuck into the cargo bay, I'd think it would have happened by now. I tried a machinegunner out, and did not like the style of that weapon at all for normal play, and it would figure the one time I deployed a machinegunner, the cargo bay was empty. And I can't really think of anything else that I can try.
  25. Title says it all really. Clicking them is clunky and I never know which one is which ¬_¬