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Found 81 results

  1. I hope you are well. The northern most building was impassable to my troops, and a seb was hiding in there too! This is the building I mean:
  2. Hey there The small rock pillars in the desert village maps can be walked through, seen through and shot though:
  3. Hiya The sebillian could not move, and I could not hit it with gunfire. He could shoot at me though, as you can see in this action shot:
  4. Hiya Only just getting around to posting some bugs, sorry. May have fixed some of these with e6? Anyway The landing ship has a hole that you can see through to the upper floor if your soldier stands in the right spot:
  5. Like I said earlier, Xenonauts is shaping up really well. There is however, one niggling annoyance that becomes more pronounced as time goes on: the ground combat starts repeating itself. The basic pattern is always the same: dig in and survive the first enemy wave, then clear the UFO at your own leisure. The same problem existed in the original X-Com too to a degree, so it'd be high time a game tried tackling this. I know it is late in the production, but I maintain that those minor tweaks would really lift up the game! Breaking the Monotony and Keeping the Players Awake The key word here is variety. I wouldn't want all aliens doing any of those consistently, but still there should be an exception in the pattern often enough to force players stay awake and adapt to changing situations. General combat behaviours: - Utilizing the buildings. Alien snipers could decide to climb to the ceiling/second floor of the building and set up there. Currently you don't need to enter the buildings at all. - Setting up ambushes instead of rushing the enemy. ATM you just go for the UFO once aliens stop coming. Smaller squads could set up an ambush somewhere, then head back for the UFO if it is breached (aliens sneaking up on your breach team... FUN!). UFO breaching: This is my biggest annoyance. Breaching the UFO/alien base becomes repetitive and boring. - Time limits. Why does the player have infinite time to breach the UFO? There should be a sense of urgency. For example, the aliens could: a.) Repair the UFO and take off b.) Rig up the UFO to explode c.) Roll out some heavy duty death machines - Make breaching the door risky business. Maybe aliens could throw some grenades at you? Or maybe there could be an explosive booby trap on the door itself. Make it a concussion bomb if you're feeling generous. - Aliens rushing out from the UFO as you approach it. Possibly in bigger numbers than you expected. Etc etc. I'm sure there are plenty more. Doesn't need to be a major change, but something small and unexpected. We'll be doing a lot of ground combat, so small surprises like this will definitely make it more memorable.
  6. The game grades your performance on ground combat missions, and gives you a numerical rating. Letting civvies die hurts your score, capturing aliens instead of killing aliens helps your score. I have no idea what that score means. I know that higher is better than lower, and it has something to do with my national standings, but I really have no idea the significance of the number. Does that extra 1 point for capturing a live alien actually do anything meaningful? Is a dead civilian even worth paying attention to?
  7. The med kit costs more to use depending on angle, and heaps more of there is an object in between. Here are some pics of basic angle thing: Both pictures are using the minimum TUs to use a med kit. OK, by an object between (for taking even more TUs), I mean: In the diagonal picture, if an object was in the NE square from the south guy. I should have taken a pic for that too. Sorry. I think the extra TUs are also charged for using a stun baton in a similar situation. Also: if you take a wounded soldier on a mission, you can heal hi up to full at the start. Doing that healing takes way more "ammo" out of the med kit than it should.
  8. Hi again I reported this in V20e1, but I have encountered it again, this time on a scout map, instead of just light scout. That blue stuff looks like flowing water. And here is a link to a save with the crash site: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dftmwi9uyzeih0b/2013-11-11_01.00.42.sav I have flown to this mission about six times, every time with the same tile set, but the charlie in different positions.
  9. Hiya I shot down a light scout over Spain. Looked like a new urban map. The ground off the road was just black, could not path through most of it. One guy found a way out the side of the drop ship, but only had one way back. I chucked a flare out there, just to see what would happen. In the second alien turn I had the alien turn lockup. Probably a stuck alien, I guess.
  10. Kia ora Light scout map, military base. I wanted to have a look at the cool control tower up close, but I could not go up the stairs Also: A sebilian walked straight through this wall (green arrow), then shot me through the same wall (red arrow). The blood stains show the positions of people, I guess.
  11. I prefer a sniper/assault combo for my retrieval missions and have gotten a bit tired of having to scroll back to the aliens after my sniper shoot. While using the "press alien to centre" function on the red/yellow alien heads works its a bit bothersome at times. What id like is a keyboard button to press to centrer on aliens and preferably toggle amongst them.
  12. I am refreshing this thread again because the new experimental build (4) of the game contains my first pass at adding differentiated stats between the alien species, which should hopefully make the various species a bit different to fight. Additionally there are a few balance tweaks and improvements - best of all, you should be able to play the game without it crashing all the time! Here's a quick reminder of the changes: Balance - Caesan Psion troops now show up in UFOs from Corvette onwards - Psions have been reduced in stats to make them fit in with earlier tiers of troops better, they have the "fear" and "hallucination" psionic attacks - Caesan Leaders now have the "fear" and "mind control" powers, while officers have "fear" and "hallucination" - Introduced race specific differences between alien types in ground combat -- Caesans have better reaction shot chances, and earlier Psionics as above -- Sebillians are lightly armoured, have more AP and worse reaction shot chances -- Androns have very high bravery, and are heavily armoured (Androns will eventually be outright immune to suppression) -- Harridans are more accurate in general, and have exceptionally good chances for reaction fire - Due to the above changes, human rifles, precision rifles and the heavy weapons all now have some level of armour penetration power - Gas grenades now cause less stun damage per turn, and less initial stun damage. The gas they produce is also less opaque, so reduces accuracy less than a normal smoke grenade - Stun rockets do slightly less initial damage, and also had their gas damaged reduced along with the stun grenades above - Stun batons had a significant stun damage buff, from 55 to 80 - Carbines and shotgun have had their TU costs for non-burst fire modes reduced by 5 to make them a little more useful in mobile work - C4 now does slightly more damage, has a wider blast radius and a larger suppression radius Let me know how you find it. I'm particularly interested in how badly/well the AI uses the psionic powers the Caesans will now get from an earlier tier.
  13. The new experimental build contains a few new tweaks and improvements for the Ground Combat portion of the game, so I thought I would refresh this thread for some new feedback. New additions include expanded damage numbers (they now also show stun damage and healing), reduced grenade TU costs, tweaks to some throwing ranges (flares can be thrown further, C4 shorter) and the alien heavy plasma rifle is now a short range high damage weapon instead of a burst firing suppression weapon. I imagine the changes to the Geoscape balance will probably also have had an impact on the kind of encounters in the ground combat too. Fire away.
  14. After blowing up a wall with a demo charge, and waiting for the fire to go out, I could not get a path through the opening. I had shot it first with a shotgun and rifle, if that makes any difference.
  15. The medpacks have only 1/50 unit, and cannot heal a bleeding wound at the moment. I used six pack on one guy and he still bled out. Also, is the chance of survival if within the -10 to 0 range on HPs still in?
  16. Ive been playing Xenonauts for a week now...with no sound in ground combat. There are no footsteps, gunfire, etc. Of note, some sounds play -- doors opening and closing, for example -- but most are completely silent. Music is audible. I looked into the sound .xmls and made sure they referenced correctly. Then I went into the "audio" subfolder to locate the sound effects to test them. What is odd is that they are silent when testing them with Media Player Classic, also. They have the correct sizes, and the EQ shows the waveform while it should be playing, but there is no sound. I checked the door open and close files...those are audible. The vast majority of them are not, however, even when playing them in 3rd party software. I installed the Ogg Vorbis codec on a lark, and lo and behold you can hear them...but only in Windows Media Player. Not in anything else. After all this foolishness, I went back in game to see if something had changed. Still no sound effects for 95% of the GC triggers. I am confused. What is going on? I LOVE this game, but playing it with no sound fx is obviously crap. Any suggestions?
  17. svidangel

    Best combat evar

    Wheee, after the annoyance of having to reassign all my troops to a new base to get in charlie range of an alien base, I was immediately hit by a wave of UFOs right over my original base. I had 3 elite soldiers left with no armor and only a few laser weapons to take on a sebillian Landing ship in late December. Took 3 reloads during the mission, but the 3 took that @#%^ apart. All with heavy scatter laser things and 2 with a laser pistol backup (only had 2 onhand). God pistols are so amazing. So incredibly amazing. Favorite mission so far.
  18. Is it just me? I click the numbers for a soldier or press 1-8 and the map centers around the selected soldier. But very often e.g. the soldiers are to the left and I want to see the right side. And I click the numbers because I know "2 is the sniper"... So I wish there was the option to turn off the auto centering and to have a dedicated hotkey for centering, or centering only if soldier is out of visible area...
  19. Chris


    I was reading one of the previews of XCOM and it mentioned you had to be careful to not use too much firepower when attacking aliens, or there wouldn't be anything left to recover. We were planning to put something like that in Xenonauts, but it got swept into the big old "something to look at in beta" bin at the time. Now's the sort of time to start thinking about it, and whether it should work. My initial thoughts are that it'd be a good addition to the game. It would mostly affect rocket launchers (Ferret and infantry) and to a lesser extent, grenades and C4 charges. I think the main value in it would be to allow us to make them more powerful. At the moment they don't really have the wow factor where they flatten buildings and kill most things nearby. This is for balance reasons - it's just too easy, particularly with the Ferret. The upside of adding overdamage is that you can kill aliens quite easily using the Ferret rockets (if it hits) but you wouldn't recover a corpse or any equipment if you did. I like that idea. I'm not sure it's technically plausible to have a running HP value for each item in the game, so I think it'd make more sense to have a sort of damage limit for items. If the tile / unit they are on recieve more than that amount of damage, they are destroyed. I guess they should probably be replaced with some "destroyed remains" tiles to show there was something there, and there should be a generic mangled corpse to replace the normal corpses. Does that make you guys happy? Do you have alternative suggestions?
  20. Hi, I don't see it. Is there a hotkey for selecting the next (previous) soldier? Instead of mouse clicking or typing different number keys I'd like to simply use one key which would make selecting soldiers/vehicle more reliable for me. TIA
  21. Move the bleeding alert to the soldier portrait, a blood drop or bandage or something. Have 1 pop-up at the start of the bleeding event for each soldier that takes a bleeding wound, further bleeding doesn't create a pop-up. After autopsies, allow some indication of alien health status on mouseover. (Healthy, Good, Wounded, Badly Hurt, Near Death) After interrogation of a live alien, show full hit point feedback. (Or stagger it, each interrogation gives more accurate feedback in the tactical mode) Remove Hidden Movement screen entirely. Indicator for last seen alien position (A red circle or something, lasts one turn) if a spotted alien moves out of LOS. A red arrow or something to indicate the direction an alien sound came from, similiar for alien shots that come out the fog of war.
  22. In Alaska or northern Canada i came across a strange issue when attacking a downed small scout. There are a few invisible walls around the chopper, which can't be seen through or walked on.
  23. Hey, hope this was not discussed earlier but my search found nothing. Suddenly came to my mind that there should be a chance that heavily damaged UFOs should not have power source working and this means that 1 - they should be completely dark inside 2 - doors should have have to be opened forcefully (this will cost more time and generate loud sound) and they should not close at the end of turn What it should bring us? 1 - atmosphere - just imagine how exciting it would be searching unknown dark UFO where some angry alien scum could be waiting for you! We will have to use flares or some searchlights in order to see something. 2 - "realism" - it's more real that there will be dark inside and nothing will work if power source is off. I doubt aliens will use some glowing material or whatever. What do You say guys?
  24. Our current UFO designs are horrible for a tile-based game. It's annoying, because we'd have been called unexciting if we'd not come up with something more original than the flying grey boxes of the original X-Com - but anything other than flying boxes won't work very well in a tile-based game. We've come up with relatively plausible representations of some of the UFOs in the game, but we're working on our Landing Ship tiles at the moment and it's not going well. It turns out adding another level to the UFO (Landing Ships are multi-level) causes no end of issues. I think we're going to bin the current UFO system and move to a new one entirely. The previous system was: - Some UFOs are too small or awkward to appear in tile form, so they always explode when shot down in air combat - All remaining UFOs up to Cruiser size appear on the map are fully enterable by troops - Above Cruiser size, the crash site mission does not show the outside of the UFO at all - you start off breaching the UFO interior, so it's a bit like a base attack mission The new system will be: - UFOs appear on the map as a non-enterable piece of scenery. - Crash site missions are split into two parts; clearing the landing zone (UFO exterior) and then once that is clear, breaching the UFO itself with the remaining troops. - At the half-way point, morale and bleeding wounds would be healed and the player would be given the option to withdraw with all the equipment captured so far. There's a few advantages to this, relative to the earlier method: 1) The UFOs will always appear. That way we can have crash sites for fighters etc now, as we don't need to go inside them (you can just recover some Alien Alloys etc from the crash site). 2) It means we can show the exterior of the really big UFOs. They'd fill say 6 tiles all along one side of the map, which means you'll still get the "wow" factor of seeing something really massive. It wouldn't be practical to build a UFO that big under the current system, and it'd also be cheaper for us because that row of tiles would be non-interactive and non-destructable, so it only has to be painted once. 3) If a UFO has been shot down and is damaged, there can be multiple entrances - the front door, and some (semi-random) hull breaches. If the UFO has landed intact, there's only the front door. 4) We can have semi-randomised UFO interiors this way, and we're not constrained by the UFO dimensions as long as we're not too silly about it. The current UFO interiors are very limited by the shape of the UFO exterior, which is obviously set by the UFO air combat art. 5) Without all the thick walls, there'll be much better visibility for the UFO interiors. 6) Under the previous system, all late-game UFO assaults would be indoor missions. All alien base attack missions and Xenonaut base mssions are also going to be indoors, so you'll only ever go outside for terror sites. I think this would get really boring, really fast. This isn't really a point in favour of the new system so much as a massive disadvantage of the old system, but it's still a factor in my decision. Of course, the major disadvantage with this new system is that it's just a bit lame. You could go inside the UFO in the original UFO so I think people will find it a bit jarring that it is handled this way in our game. I don't really think there's any way around this though. I think the key is to make the two-mission format as user friendly as possible, as they were certainly not popular in TFTD. The second disadvantage is is removes the secondary win condition for the crash site missions, as you can't take and hold the UFO. You'd have to clear the landing zone then go inside. This means the AI is going to have to be very aggressive to minimise the chance of "last sectoid syndrome" occurring, because that's not fun. EDIT: My reply from page 4 is below: As has been mentioned above, the larger UFOs are massive. We've even got a cruiser model done up, ready to be painted over, that we're not going to use now and the thing is about 50x50 tiles. In order to fit the dropship in the map, along with some terrain that isn't just the cruiser you're looking at something like a 70x70 or 80x80 map. If you think that's a good thing, I suggest you create an 80x80 map in the level editor and see how long it takes to walk across it. Plus, the cruiser is the smallest of the alien capital ships. To clarify the idea, this is how it'll work: - Smaller UFOs like the Light Scout, Fighter (including fighter derivatives like the Heavy Figther and Interceptor) and Bomber would appear on the map in a crashed / landed form but not be enterable because they're simply too small. This is a straightforward 1-part mission where you clear all the aliens off the map and win. - Medium size UFOs like the Corvette and Scout would appear on the map in a crashed / landed form and not be enterable. However, on clearing the map you'd get a second interior breach mission. - Large UFOs (landing ship and upwards) would be partially visible beyond the edge of the map. As mentioned above, there's no way to get them on the map. Once the mission is cleared, you get the UFO interior mission too. The "airlock capture" option may be viable for the Large UFOs, but I don't know. It depends what angle they've landed at and whether we can fit a entry point onto them - and also if we can get the tiles displaying correctly, which isn't a given. Interative terrain is much harder to do than a static, non-interactive piece of terrain. There wouldn't be switching in-and-out of the UFO. I don't really see the gain in that and it'd be making things far too complex from a design and technical standpoint. I think in the case of the Scout and the Corvette, which could plausibly be enterable in the mission, it'd be best not to do that. This is for consistency reasons. We need to pick a method and stick to it, and I'm pretty sure that this is how it's going to work now. Admittedly it's not perfect, but it seems the only plausible way to deal with the awkward shape and scale of many of our UFOs. Nice to hear some of the UFO games did it, I didn't know that!
  25. I don't know if this is possible (programming, resource consumption etc) but I would like to see more "Hidden Movement" screens. I really like the existing one, but after a few battles it gets annoying, especially since my troops have evolved into moving killing machines!!! It would be great if there was a screen (or more) for each tileset so it could actually reflect the situation for each combat mission. For example, a screen inspired by the movie "The Thing" for arctic missions, something urban or industrial for Terror or crashsites in populated areas, a digital remake of the screen from the original x-com (or something close to it if there are any copyright matters.. ) and so on. And to go as step further, maybe it could be manipulated by modding an xml file, thus letting the user choose what ever he wants to watch while alien scum terrorize and kill innocent civilians!!!! Anyhow, Thank you devs for this, already, great game!