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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there Chris, and everyone. Glad you guys got the game out on Steam but I am wondering what's going to happen to all the digital rewards for Kickstarter backers. By this I mean - How do I get the forum badge? as this thread : http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/145-What-are-the-Founder-bdges?highlight=founder is closed - How do I access the novella without the badge? (I don't use Desura) And is the Homeworld style exposition still happening!? http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/3447-Homeworld-style-Story-Expositions?highlight=homeworld
  2. I created this profile a while back, and I finally bought the game, but how do I show that?
  3. You should seriously give your staff badges, that show up the way our preorder badges do. Other than Chris, I can never remember who's staff and who isn't. It's confusing.
  4. buy the game and how to get the icon? translation used "google translate":D
  5. Hi, I found the demo on my own... got my mind blown and bought the premium pack immediately. If i would have known of the kick starter... Cant wait to check the newest build. My only question is how do i get the shinny "premium pre-orderer" badge of awesomeness on this forum? I cant seem to locate any "register game here" or anything similar. Keep up the good work, Ran.
  6. Hi! I just went to kickstarter page and backed the project with US$20. It said it would give me access to the latest builds and beta, plus a silver medal here on the forum. I only got one email from kickstarter saying that I'm a backer, nothing else. Where do I download the builds, and how do I get my medal?? Please someone help. thx a lot!!
  7. I dont have the premium medal but i preordered ages ago. How do I get the medal attached, and I'm afraid that you'll forget that I preordered... I actually am diagnosed with paranoia so that may be it I have it on desura though so maybe thats good enough.
  8. Hi I pre-ordered xenonauts one year ago (28/04/11) with the account sylario, and at that time, i had a problem with my account and you were kind enough to transfer my purchase to a new sylario2 (forum)account. Now it seems that both sylario and sylario2 accounts does not exist anymore on the forum , so i am not sure i can still download xenonauts. I tried forgotten password but it says that those mails address does not exist or that my captcha answer is wrong (it ask me color of the sky, i am not a native english speaker, but i guess it is blue, or may be grey in UK). Also the create account of the forum tells me that sylario and sylario2 accounts are free (the ajax thingie at account creation). I have a xenonauts in Desura, i think i use a code to redeem a long time ago, but the current xenonauts in desura seems to be a demo with one map only (always the same city). - Can i get back my pre-order account in the forums ( i still have the Paypal transaction ID), i'd like to have the steam code at release. - Does i have pre-purchase version of xenonauts or a demo on desura ? Thanks
  9. I pre-ordered the xenonauts premium and i read the disclaimer about the things you get and one of them was about the forums what is that?
  10. Hello all, my game always crashes around january 22nd any tips to get past this? also i don't think my premium badge displays when i post, how do you set that up? dig the game, looking forward to the flamethrower and power armor. You think the flying suit will come back? cheers, b
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