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Found 9 results

  1. So...I have a room full of chemical flares in the base I'm trying to defeat. Seriously, like 15 flares everywhere. I throw more each turn. I have a guy with a pistol, and he just chucks them in every turn. So...why is it when alien (blue andron in this case) walks through the room, he disappears? All my guys are sitting there, watching him do this (this is the fourth iteration, every reaction shot has missed). I throw a new chemical flare in, and suddenly, he's revealed! It doesn't seem to matter where I throw it. Often literally in the same square as an existing chemical flare. I surmise that the sight ranges aren't being updated or somesuch?
  2. As of V19 much needed grenade range changes, with low lvl soldiers, flares can only be thrown at a range similar or lower then soldier's view range. Sort of defies the purpose Maybe max range should be bumped a bit, so we can a fighting chance at night? Makes me think Pistols could have special bullets: a longer, low velocity and highly stable hollow projectile filled with some of the same stuff as flares; stabilization is provided by very small compressed fins that deploy when the projectile leaves the barrel. The projectile breaks when it hits, releasing the goop and "illuminates" the target for a couple rounds, providing extended visual range/squad sight and an acc bonus to squad. For use on night missions only. Just tossed the idea for some lols, but it could actually make ballistic pistols useful throughout the whole game.
  3. I've got a couple questions regarding these. First off, what's the proper way to use flares? I know how to throw them, but when I throw them a bit outside of my sight radius it doesn't seem to reveal anything. I figured that was the point? Secondly, can you use rockets to blast through the side of a UFO?
  4. Can we make flares available on the equipment screen or somehow have a default night loadout where we can control the number of flares? I'm finding that two per soldier isn't working out.
  5. 1. Flares should be able to be picked up again once thrown (I think this is planned). 2. Flares need there own animation (i.e not a grenade). 3. Flares should hiss and give out 1 tile of the wispy grey/white smoke (the type of smoke caused by plasma hitting the ground). They are abit lack-lustre at present. A groovy new hissing sound effect would add to the ambience in night missions - breaking the silence between screams! 4. Each soldier should have 3 flares, 2 flares isn't quite enough (though this might be intentional so as to make them more valuable).
  6. Nothing like a pitch black, scary as hell, mission at night fumbling for flares. Do we still have them? Without them, this game will not go far.
  7. just finshed my first terror mission man o man those aliens are no joke. 2 xeonauts came back home. http://flic.kr/p/dfFyhN The one was clipping with the bed(making him hard to kill) and killed all my guys, but that all right i got him. Now going to make better weapons from his alien tec and use it against his buddys. P.s is there a way to change the glow sticks/ammo to the nades i have in the belt slots seem like its not working or im not doing it right. The only way i found out is to put it in his hand slot.
  8. What good are the flares? I select them and throw them into the fogged areas and nothing happens...am i doing something wrong? cheers
  9. For reference. Its a reasonably common question.
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